Monthly Archives: September 2008

Nintendo Power Coverage – V.234

It looks like this time around, NP had a lot of times on their hands. Volume 234 has more Previews and Reviews than usual, and to top it off, they highlight 3 games in extended reviews that look amazing. Also, Nintendo Power will be giving out a special Subscribers Edition of the magazine from now on to those that, well, subscribe. No more front-page ads for the paying member! Or is this just a scheme to waste less money when publishing the magazine? After all, subscribers do pay less, hmm…

[Brawl Hacks] World Wrap X (beta)

I apologize if someone’s been waiting for that NP Coverage. I experienced a rather unusual day today, and part of it meant buying an Audio Jack Splitter adapter in order to make my capture card work 100%. It turns out the AUX jack on my TV was too small for this adapter so I had to make some… minor adjustments.  It works great, and I can hear sound now (take that, windows vista!). I took the new set-up for a test run, which is the following Brawl Hacks video,  “World Wrap X”. Please bear with me, and I’ll get that coverage posted early tomorrow.

WiiWare and VC Games Update – Double Time!

Two WiiWare titles and one Virtual Console title were added to the Wii Shop Channel.


  • Art Style™: ORBIENT
  • Bomberman Blast

Virtual Console

  • Super Turrican 2 (SNES®)

Check out the Wii Shop Channel for more info!

[Brawl Hacks] Crazy Falcon & Co.

Well, I don’t usually post stuff on weekends, but it has been a very exciting one. Its a mystery how I am writing this and not dancing to Samba de Amigo’s™ crazy track roster (more on this coming soon). Expect that Nintendo Power coverage tomorrow!

[Brawl Hacks] Crazy Ike & Co.

Woo hoo! I finally got around to using my freshly arrived TV Tuner/Capture Card for my laptop. Well, let’s not waste any time, shall we? Here is the first of my videos where I dive into the “mysterious” world of hacking. I do feel kinda sad though, because I pushed aside the NP Coverage for Volume 234… But it’ll be here!

Character Highlight – Wario

Today’s character highlight is Wario!!! (the coolest character)

Wario made his first appearance in Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins as the main villain and final boss. Wario was created by Gunpei Yokoi based on Hiro Kiyotakes nieghbor. Kiyotake is an artist from Nintendo that designed Wario, Samus Aran, and many other popular characters. Wario has always been Mario’s rival since Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins. You can say that Wario is Mario’s opposite, starting with the M and W. Since Luigi is Mario’s brother and also happens to have a rival named Waluigi, many people think that Wario and Waluigi are brothers, but there is no solid proof. What makes Wario so cool is that he had his own video game franchise spanning both handheld and consoles. In most of his games, his greed for money or anything he wanted is the reason he puts himself in an adventure. Otherwise, he probably wont have many games and for some reason his favorite food is garlic. When he munches down on some garlic, he magically turns into Wario-man. Wario-man never really had any powers, but in Brawl Wario-man needed powers so he could at least have a final smash. He is mostly known by his Wario ware games, but is also popular by his Wario land games. Look out for his debut on Wii

WiiWare and VC Games Update – Double Time!

Its not often Nintendo releases 4 games at a time on the Wii Shop Channel, and this time with a bang! Mega Man makes its debut once more as a brand new WiiWare title. Is Nintendo planning more surprises? Is the inclusion of another Mega Man game a concealed wonder? Check below for today’s lucky bunch!

Two WiiWare titles and two Virtual Console title were added to the Wii Shop Channel.


  • Mega Man 9
  • Plättchen twist ‘n’ paint

Virtual Console

  • Super Dodge Ball (NES™)
  • Vectorman (NES™)

Check out the Wii Shop Channel for more info!