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Brawl Custom Textures- Generic Peach Surprise

FS Custom Texture by: Jose Gallardo

Surprise, Surprise! Peach is no longer egocentric (was she ever?) in Brawl. You know, whenever Peach uses her Final Smash, she surrounds herself with imaginary Giant Peach decors? Well, all that is a thing of the past. Peach is now inspired by her best friends…  and Warp Pipes? Take a look!



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Negative Kirby – Custom Brawl Texture

So I’m thinking of creating Custom Brawl Textures, just not that very often. However, if I do come up with some interesting ones, I’ll post them up for download.

And so out of boredom in the middle of the night (after downloading all the necessary applications),  I decided to make a silly texture out of Kirby. I thought it came out pretty funny. Odd, but still entertaining to watch in battle.

negkirby1 negkirby2 negkirby3

I thought about it, and this being my first CTF (custom texture file), I’ll put it up and see how it goes. I don’t think its a keeper, but a fun CTF to use every now and then:


Negative Kirby – Uploaded 03/24/09


Never Give Up! – James McCloud Joins the Brawl!

James MCCloud Image

James McCloud

The team responsible for bringing you the Awesome Fierce Deity Link Texture to Brawl reveals yet another occult figure that might still be a bit obscure to many gamers.

BigSharkZ (the head of the EliteSmashHackers team), answered a request to bring James to Brawl. And that request came from non other than yours truly (A.K.A. Me). Who knew that such a simple Texture alteration could create a totally different persona. But hey, we are speaking of Elite Smash Hackers here!

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Brawl Texture Quick-Guide Update

The Quick Brawl Texture Guide has been updated with the following:

Codes Updated:

File Replacement v1.3: [Phantom Wings]

  • v1.3 – fixed one of the leading causes for the freezing.
  • v1.2 – No longer have to wait in the CSS before textures are loaded. Remains untested, so expect at least a bit of freezing maybe.
  • v1.1 – Fixed to work for stages.
  • v1.0 – Replaces all files read from the disk with any files of the same name on the SD card.

Dynamic SD Loader: v1.1 [Phantom Wings]

  • v1.1 – System hooks at startup rather than after the opening.
  • v1.0 – Able to load any file from SD card.

SD Files
Disable Custom Stages v1.1: [Phantom Wings]

  • v1.1 – Used to remove the last of the freezing (removes Custom Stages from SSS during texture hacking)

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Exclusive Nintendo DSi Event

For those of you who are a part of Club Nintendo, and also happen to be a Platinum member, then chances are you got invited to this exclusive event. Basically at specific Gamestops in the US, Platinum Club Nintendo members can go and play games that they bring from home on DSi’s provided there. You have to RSVP ASAP or you will loose your chance. I did not RSVP fast enough and it got full by the time I did. Oh well, maybe next time…wait, there will never be a next time!!!           NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Nintendo DSI Announced for Release April 5th

Hello! I’m new here, I was added as contributor on this website. Anyways, Nintendo has announced the release of the “evolved” DS Lite. Called the “DSi.” It’s more thin than the DS Lite, and it has 2 cameras. One on the outside, used for taking pictures of your friends, and another inside for taking a picture of yourself. It can also support AAC files, but I’m not so sure about MP3 files. It has a feature where you can have a cool colored screen and play the music, or have Mario in his original NES game form, running, while coins drop according to the speed of the music. There’s also a feature that let’s you speed up or slow down the music. You can play DS games with it, too, or swap the game with another without it freezing. However, this only works for DSi games. It WILL freeze if you do that with DS games. You can also go on the “Nintendo DSi Shop” and buy things like you can on the “Wii Shop Channel.” There is a web browser you can download, which is pretty neat, but some people say it’s not worth the download because it’s so slow. So, I’d have to rate it 5/5 Stars. Good Luck!

Brawl Texture Hacking with Gecko OS- Quick Guide for Custom Textures

-Post by: Jose Gallardo

No more wasting DVDs just for texture HaXz0rs! This new method provides a very efficient and highly simplistic way of achieving Texture hacking without the need of ISOs, burning Discs, and download times. Simply create a folder in your SD card specifically for texture files, load the codes through Gecko OS, and you’re all set! The following information will help you get started to Texture Hacking:


This is a simple and quick guide to help you get started on Texture Hacking –

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