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The ZWORDZ Project Intro

The ZWORDZ Project to be made public? In your dreams! And let’s not forget, dreams CAN come true! “Get on with the details, ‘Guv!” Fine. What does this mean? It means this project can and will go public! Thanks to a befriended Youtuber, known
as stevoisiak, I am now able to make a Patch for this game which can be distributed with no major drama from them Queens. Don’t know what this project is all about?
Click here-here-here to read the Project’s intro article.

Zora Armor

The texture of my newest gallery. I would like to share nintendobros

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Dragon Quest Swords: \The ZWORDZ Project\


And I finally make a post that is not Brawl Texture-Related. ‘Bout time!

I have in fact neglected Brawl for a while, let alone Brawl textures. I felt like trying something new. And it all started while WiiScrubbing through my Dragon Quest Swords ISO. I have always been a fan of the Dragon Quest series, so I surprise even myself at how long it took me to get myself a copy of this game. It is cheaper now, so technically, that inclined me to get it. And I’m not disappointed. Heck, not 4 hours into the game and I’m already modifying its contents. Well, at least the music (aside from making codes for it). The game also uses Brstm audio files for Music and even sound effects/voice acting, so inserting custom audio should be a breeze (for me). Now onto the infamous ZWORDZ project –

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Wario and Diddy Strikers

To end with the characters the Mario Strikers.

Here Wario and Diddy.

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Striker Peach and Daisy

It’s your turn to add to list two more striker. “Peach and Daisy”

As you can see the uniform is basically the same. Only in that Daisy was a request that requires as much, I decided to change his style and eye color changing figures and details (flowers)

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Items PAC Update – Added Wing Cap Box and Brawl CD

Here’s a quick update for the Items PAC. I’ve edited the Metal Box to look like the Wing Cap Box from Super Mario 64. I was going to make a Blue Vanish Box, but since NB has been attributed to making red textures, a Red Metal Box was born instead. Also, you know that CD in Brawl that randomly appears during a match? Well, its no ordinary CD anymore. Its a BRAWL CD! If you already have all music tracks in Brawl, the only way you will be able to see CDs during a match is if you use codes. I’ve provided one for you in this post, assuming many of you already know how to apply the codes.

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Peach… where’s your dress?

We all know about the Debug Menu from Smash Bros. Melee?
sometimes during a debug match, if Peach or Zelda taunted, their dresses would disappear (they really just became transparent).

Allow me to present to you, the Brawl version of Melee’s “Debug” Dressless Peach!
(I know it’s not much, but it was one of my favorite WTF moments in Melee debug history!)

Hi there!

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