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m l baby

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House of the Dead: Overkill Hacks

Its been a pretty long time since the last update here at NB. Seems like I’m not the only one at Nintendo Bros who’s been bitten by the Chore Bug. Unfortunately, as dedicated as we are, our lifes become very busy from time to time, and I believe I speak for pretty much everyone on the Team. Alas, not only have I been busy with personal stuff, but I’ve been working on the ZWORDS project, which pretty much takes its toll. Its coming along nicely, so expect a beta Patch soon (hopefully you’ve got yourself a legit ISO of this game; and by legit, I mean having a DQS ISO that you’ve burned yourself from a Original game disc that you own). So don’t go spreading rumors that this site is flat. We’ve got our curves, and this ain’t no House of the Dead, but the following is. Happy Zombie Hacking!

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Shiny Pokemon have arrived! (and a Shadow Pokemon)

For those of you who were waiting for my Shiny Pokemon Texture Hack Pack, I finally did it!

Of course like in the Pokemon games, Shiny Pokemon are often rare and hard to find, so i only made a few pokemon shiny!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to summon Shiny Pokemon!

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Sonic was demoted to Assist Trophy Duty!

What’s This? Sonic has gone from playable character to Assist Trophy?

this is Madness!!!



Shad– um, Sonic’s the name, Speed’s my game!

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Theme USB Loder GX

This is a theme for USB Lodero Gx.

I did it based on the menu of weapons of Resident Evil.

This theme contains a sound format Ogg.
Which should be in the folder:
SD:config \ backgroundmusic

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Galactic Grunt Mario joins the Brawl!

It’s true! Mario has given up his adventures to join Team Galactic!

Now with his awesome skills, will Team Galactic finally create

their “new world” as they had promised?


Galactic Grunt Mario would like to Battle!

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I’m Back! And I’m Starting a Texture Pack

It’s been a while since i have been here, but i have finally returned!

And i’m starting a Texture Pack of Texture Hacked Pokemon.

The Texture Pack will consist of all the Pokemon in their Shiny forms and also include a familiar Shadow Pokemon we all know and love!

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