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So You Want Plain Results?

And yes, this was done using BrawlBox. Just place the provided stage pac in your stages folder, and activate the code that replaces Jungle Japes with the Online Training Stage. Code is found in the ReadMii that comes with the download, which also removes the sandbag from the stage.


– Jose Gallardo

BrawlBox and Smash Items – The Guide

BrawlBox – Get it Here The guide from here-on will assume you already acquired the latest version of BrawlBox, and that you already have a common3.pac file (aka item pac). If you don’t have a common3.pac item file, download the old NB file here, with pre-set up textures.
Always keep a back-up of your Common3.pac before editing!

Ok, so with the latest version of BrawlBox (previously known as SmashBox), it is now possible to replace Item textures with ease, from within the Common3.pac file itself. From now on, I will release item textures as Pac files, and you (the user) will replace said texture with the one provided. For example, I will release a texture in this post to accompany the guide; the Firefox Smash Ball.

Step 1-
First and foremost, download the Firefox Smash Ball PAC Here. Its not zipped or anything, so its ready to go.

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Smashing! Channel Forwarder

I’ll just copy and paste what I wrote in the Youtube video description:

Here is another custom Wii channel I made; a request by someone on Wadder Forums who goes by “murdaz”. This channel was created using 2 legal base wads made by CountZero (1 for banner, and 1 for Icon). The video rendering causes the icon to look pixelated, but it really isn’t. Its just something that Sony Vegas sharpened for some reason.

In Brief: A custom channel forwarder for Smashing! homebrew game. The channel itself does not contain the game.

All forms of hacking involve some risk of accidental brick. Make sure you have some sort of Brick protection before installation. NintendoBros will not be held responsible for any accidents!

What exactly is a forwarder? Its basically a channel which when launched, leads to a specified boot.dol file in your SD card. In this case, the boot.dol of your smashing folder (the smashing! game app). The channel itself does not contain any app, so launch will fail and reboot the system if the smashing directory is not found on your SD card.

Who You Goinna Call?

Already to rock in roll packed in a rar with folder layout all set!

includes music replacement for Luigi’s Mansion(main)

GhostBusters! Punk/Ska Cover Attaboy

Wii Cursor for Websites

-Post by: LinkofAuburn

I made a custom cursor for my myspace theme and I figured I’d share this lil neat cursor I made from a screen shot:

its not animated but its ani filetype:


Matrix MyMenuify Channel Updated!

Just a channel to install wii themes its not a forwarder it has mymenuify gui 2.2 dol within and the channel will load up without any files needed from the sd card because its embeded and not a forwarder (no need to be a forwarder the app wont be getting any updates soon…) This Channel has been tested and confirmed proper i created the channel myself and had it tested on 3.2 -4.X fw and its peachy! Enjoy the channel peace love and chicken grease Fellow Brewer VettaCossX….

Credit: Vettacossx and GioPagent

Heres the Download:

Winter Games Brawl Pack 0.7

This is the project that was giving me headaches which lead to freak outs and over all overwhelmed. anyways I figure take a break but release it so you dont have to wait 😀 so this is a 0.7, missing chraracters some characters need to be redone, but this is what I have thus far. I hope you all enjoy it 😀

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