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BONE metaknight failure?

-Post by: William

Well, for me its a failure since it didnt really come out like expected ( “more realistic features” )
and the bones are to… white.. TO WHITE!! lol

but oh well..
most my friends like it.. allot… ._.

For those who want the FILEs, ill get them as soon as i get my PC fixed.. be patient please 🙂

thx for your time.


Hey there… call me William.

Not much to say about myself besides being an Artist, video editor and designer.
i also enjoy machinimating.. but thats another story.

Lets make this quick, im not well knowned for my textures, but i consider my textures as some of the best! 😉
so let me show you a little bit of wut i do..

i present to you..


from assasins creed 2!

im not that good in forums and stuff… so this post isnt perfect. >.>

-Jose’s Report-

This ain’t no update, just here to inform that I will be taking a break from Hacking for the Month of December. I may update once in a while with stuff I should have posted long ago. I will re-upload all my Item textures soon. Also, I noticed many people are now participating in the Brawl Hacking Scene, and that’s good. But…

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Hammer Time! Mario’s new move!

-Post By: Smashbro619

i’m back! and I learned a few new tricks of the trade… Model Swapping and stuff like that! Anyway, its my pleasure to introduce Mario’s new Attack move… Hammer! (It replaces his Side B Special, Cape!)

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NSMB Wii Galaxy 81 New BRSTM’s

-Post by: VettacossX

Well hello again amigos! I have just converted all the MP3 from the super mario galaxy 2 disc platinum sound track to My Backup of the New Super Mario Bros Wii and thought i may as well share them Exclusively with my Nintendo Bros! (this is the only place to get this sound mod because Nintendo bros is awesome!)

I converted these Using this tool

You can edit and listen to your brstm with this tool


Super Mario 3 sound track
Super Mario World Sound track

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 1.rar
Size: 179MB | Description: BRSTM

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 2.rar
Size: 166MB | Description: BRTSM

Metroid update

phazon suit samus, i see it in a video of youtube, the ending of metroid prime and i made the texture, it also have csp! here are some pics

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Hacking New Super Mario Bros Wii – PAL

Codes are in the description of the video, as they are in WiiRD Code Database and GSCentral forums