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Pokemon TCG Energy Balls

Post  By: Jose Gallardo  

I think I missed adding the Lighting SmashBall in the video, but its available in the download. Click Here if you need help replacing the SmashBall texture or any item texture in general. The ]EE[ Smashball in the end of the video is a little tribute Ball I decided to make because when ]Syntax Error[ was still alive, I was hoping to use their edited SmashBall; it was then I decided I should delve into texture hacking.

Finally, An update by me

Finally, i update i have a project im working, Project Koopa ParaTroopa Read the rest of this entry

Super Smash Bros. Shodown -Update-

1 Character available to Download!


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Kirby’s Mudkip Swing

I herd yu liek this.

It’s pretty fun/simple I enjoy it alot O.O its the same as the hammer move

cept…its mudkip 😀  btw not trying to spam but a friends starting up a small forum for those that are interested.

Shin Chuka Taisen WiiRD Codes

Here are the first Shin Chuka Taisen codes I made. Will probably make a rapid fire code(s) as well, but for now, these will come in handy:

P1 Invincible [Jose Gallardo]
041C68F4 000000FF

P2 Invincible [Jose Gallardo]
041C693C 000000FF

***More codes for this game can be found Here***

Stage: Punchout Ring


I couldn’t get an actual screen-shot because for some reason or another the bg will zoom out when you pause but  I’ll try and get Screen-shots from someone. Overall.. its pretty epic, Wii Punch-out Theme included.

I also Packed the Codes I use with it its fairly basic File Replacement, Unrestricted Camera, and the Stage Replacement;

This version of the stage replacement will replace the DK Rumble Falls, with the included stage when you play multi-player mode and I forgot who made it so if you want the code’s to add on to your code list, then I’ll also add that later.