Monthly Archives: April 2010

Some tiny announcements

Just a few things I wanted to say that I plan on doing in the very near future.

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Brawl Mario & Luigi Join the… NSMBWii?

Updated with Video Tutorial by Noxdalt

Tired of those cheap, saturated outfits that Mario and Luigi wear in NSMBWii? I was. Now you can ditch those kiddy-colored shirt & overalls for something more Manly. Not really, but yeah…

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Wii Netflix, and Pokemon Black & White.

Netflix streaming coming to the Wii, and the latest Pokemon games, coming to our good friend, Mr. DS, and all of his deformed family members. I wonder how the 3DS will fair with this?

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NSMBWii Hacks – Remake of SMB3 1-1

Here is a video. Need I say more? Well, there is more, but you can read the Youtube video description.

Overture: Bowser’s Revenge

A Custom NSMBWii Level

I went all-out on my first custom NSMBWii level, featuring a surprise “battle” in the end. Took me over a week of hard effort, testing, and inspiration to finish, and still I feel I should have taken longer. As a first, it wasn’t easy to implement the final Area of the level (you’ll see what I am talking about if you download the level… or if you look at the screen caps).

Custom textures not included in download
Image altered for dramatic effect

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Download the long forgotten textures…

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