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The Time Has Come to Bid Farewell…

Well, almost. Not exactly a final good-bye, but my life does require a change of path.

Quoted my own post from the Rvlution Forums:

Just posting here saying I will have to drop my Texture hack contribution to the Newer team. I haven’t had internet since February, and College/University is coming up. I’ve reached a peak where time is of essence, and won’t be able to dedicate time to hacking anything anymore. Sorry about this, but I will still be releasing my work on my blog. I do not know when I will have yet more spare time to post my stuff up, hence why I will upload whenever I can. I am no longer active in the Wii Hacking scene, but will post anything on my blog if I decide to work on something again. Farewell.

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e3 Overview

Man, am I embarrassed. I told you guys I’d overview e3 everyday, and man, did I mess that up. So, I’ll flat out say it. I wasn’t paying ATTENSHUN ( I HAD TO). But, I’ve read up on it, and boy, I missed out this year. But, I won’t lie, this year wasn’t really Nintendo’s highlight.

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Skyward Link (V.2) Joins the Brawl

I feel like I’m just about done, my first vertex hack too so don’t get too down on me o.o; I mean I think it’s great :3 not perfect I know but I added a bunch of new stuff as you can see got the colors closer to home, and over all I’m really proud of it and I hope you all enjoy it. I use riivoloution now, so if it gives you issues on FRC (Code) then let me know and I’ll make a fix for it.

P.S. I added a little surprise see if you can find it!


here’s something

post by:epicsmash

i have been gone for a good while, so i had to do something, so i  converted most of the Megaman zero 3 OST, they are all in brstm format and ready to play, let me know if there are any issues with the songs.

on a side note if anyone knows how to convert the songs from brstm to mp3 please let me know would be greatly appreciated ^.^

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and Super Satisfying Sammiches.

Every Japanese gamer in a 30 foot distance just jizzed himself.

Okay, the ‘Super Satisfying Sammiches’ was my own creation, but I think the title called for more ‘S’s. Anywho, now that gaming magazines ares starting to release some information on the two latest Dragon Quest games that are headed to the Wii and DS, it’s time that the people were able to get their hands on some information. And now that I’ve been seeing several magazines that I subscribe to start to crap themselves about this new DS installment of the series, I suppose I should get the right to whine about it too.

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