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NSMB Wii Galaxy 81 New BRSTM’s

-Post by: VettacossX

Well hello again amigos! I have just converted all the MP3 from the super mario galaxy 2 disc platinum sound track to My Backup of the New Super Mario Bros Wii and thought i may as well share them Exclusively with my Nintendo Bros! (this is the only place to get this sound mod because Nintendo bros is awesome!)

I converted these Using this tool

You can edit and listen to your brstm with this tool


Super Mario 3 sound track
Super Mario World Sound track

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 1.rar
Size: 179MB | Description: BRSTM

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 2.rar
Size: 166MB | Description: BRTSM

Matrix MyMenuify Channel Updated!

Just a channel to install wii themes its not a forwarder it has mymenuify gui 2.2 dol within and the channel will load up without any files needed from the sd card because its embeded and not a forwarder (no need to be a forwarder the app wont be getting any updates soon…) This Channel has been tested and confirmed proper i created the channel myself and had it tested on 3.2 -4.X fw and its peachy! Enjoy the channel peace love and chicken grease Fellow Brewer VettaCossX….

Credit: Vettacossx and GioPagent

Heres the Download:

How To Hack Bink Video .bik Files

I made these a while back and figured i may as well share 😛  >:D

See Video Here Because Sega Forums Hates Us and removed the video but it still plays on my site 😉 shhhhh

Video Here:

Featured AMV’s all found on youtube!

Naruto: Gaara vs Kimimaro – Song:- Immortal by Trapt
Bleach: Ichigo Vs. Grimmjow – Song: – Burn by Sevendust
Shamin King: Yo Asukura and Lenny – Song: – Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

Patching Instructions:

Step 1:
Obtain a backup ISO of your original copy that you OWN of the Conduit

Step 2:
Extract the contenst of the WinRAR archive found in the link at the bottom of this post to your desktop or somewhere safe for now….

Step 3:
Open Wii Scrubber 1.4 (included in the RAR archive) and then browse for The Conduit ISO and open it up in wii scrubber….Now that it is open you see Patitions…Open the lower Partition and then expand the MOVIES tab….

Step 4:
Replace the .Bik files here with the ones in this RAR archive…Simply Right click on the .bik file you want to replace and choose “replace” …Guide to the matching .bik name in your patched .bik (included in the archive as well obviously)..

So for example right click on Logo_HVS.bik and replace it with the Logo_HVS.bik file in the rar archive to swap out the original cinimatic for the Anime one Wink

Details on how this was done:

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