Matrix MyMenuify Channel Updated!

Just a channel to install wii themes its not a forwarder it has mymenuify gui 2.2 dol within and the channel will load up without any files needed from the sd card because its embeded and not a forwarder (no need to be a forwarder the app wont be getting any updates soon…) This Channel has been tested and confirmed proper i created the channel myself and had it tested on 3.2 -4.X fw and its peachy! Enjoy the channel peace love and chicken grease Fellow Brewer VettaCossX….

Credit: Vettacossx and GioPagent

Heres the Download:

9 responses to “Matrix MyMenuify Channel Updated!”

  1. Looks coolio. What Base-WAD did you use (if any)? Legal or non? I’ll just go ahead and change the dol into a forwarder. We needed a new MyMenuify! Channel.

  2. madstone was the base i used bro πŸ˜‰ also the forwarder has been made already in dejdynimites thread of forwarders…But icefire has left the scene to work on iphone hacking and so we wont see any updates for mymenuify its pretty much in its final build now (but then he added a gui not much left peeps could have asked for in mymenuify hell softmii’s tweak toy was also written by the same guy ( Icefire aka xuzz ) So he is the lone wolf who deved all the theme flashing apps for us πŸ˜‰ even the first ones ;P

  3. wow thats awesome! is there by any chance a retro turtles theme. and…. I’m getting a time out…is there an issue with the site or the download itself?

  4. update it was just last nite it seems

  5. Yeah your right it was last night and i tought it was the last version but i updated the post with the new one (peoples feedback and all that made us change it and we may yet edit some things)We have added New Glowing text made by Giopagent112 and removed the gradient green as well..

    Issues Left:
    Banner scrolls upward rather than downward
    Need icon background to scroll downward rather than from right to left and we need a decent sound effect for the wad also need to have it hex edited to remove the ESRB splash in the top right corner thats the list the end users left in the forum release at wadder so it will likely get a few updates (polishing it off) same functionality however πŸ˜‰

  6. Also the TMNT theme is based on all retro images (we all grew up on the turtles :)) its one by the wii theme team and can be downloaded from it was deved by Diddy and symular_syn its prob also in the mym repository as well

  7. I had an issue when I installed it and viewed the channel and it had some kinda green noise like pretty bad like green lines, did I need some kinda os or something?

  8. So, is there anything you need to install before installing this? Does it work on System Menu 4.2? Anything else I need to know?

  9. No thanks to me for the idea? πŸ˜›

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