[Other Wii Hacks]

  1. I am a Nintendo Wii Freak.I just love the Wii i was disappointed that it did not come with dvd player function.Then i found a website that turned my Wii world upside down and inside out.

    Thanks to
    The New World Rebels Wii Brew Community
    You’ll find a lot more in info Click Here to Read More.

  2. Are you the same Flute_Warrior that did the texture mod to make she-slime for Fortune Street back in ’11? I’ve been trying to mod my own textures on that game but no software seems to work (tried Brawlbox, brresviewer v1.2, SZS Modifier, CTools’ brresviewer). I was wondering if you remember what you used to mod those textures and where I can find the program? Thank you.

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