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2020 Update – A Word from a Lost Legend

Hello everyone, its been several years since my last official post. Years have gone by, time’s have changed, and the blog lives as a testament to the once exciting and intriguing world of Super Smash Bros Brawl Hacks. Who knew 13 years later, video game streaming and hacking would thrive in novelty fashion, and what was once a skill led by a chosen few, exploded to reach the hands of many talented gamers and software developers. I can only say I feel very privileged to have participated in what appeared to be an era of game modding and stream pioneers. Many of the 2007 era of game modders and hackers have left the scene, including myself, but a wave of new and amazingly talented hackers and artists have arrived. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. The same holds true for modding. Let’s continue seeing some amazing work from the new era of gamers, without stepping over the boundaries of the developers that brought us some great art and entertainment themselves (unless that boundary is boundarybreak). I have not been completely awol, as you may have bumped into me during online games as either Zeek, midenhall, or most notably, Zeekatron.

If you wish to follow me further, my twitter from eons ago still exists, and I may start to do some random giveaways from time to time:

As well as my YouTube channel, the core of the [brawl hack] era:

The fate of this website is yet to be decided, although a reboot might be for the best. Meaning starting anew, or if it matters, keep it as a monument to the 2007 game hacking era.

Please remain safe during these times. If you can, find ways to help others to the best of your abilities.

Take care,

Jose Gallardo

aka Zeekatron

p.s all site links are dead. Please do not click on any links on the site, as they will all redirect to ghost sites of previous hosting websites. I am aware of this and will remove them when I get some time. Which is why I wanted to reboot the website and pretty much erase everything.

Hello from LinkofAuburn

Hi everyone, This site was looking a little stale and alot of broken links everywhere, however I hope to breathe some fresh air in to NintendoBros since the last post was back in 2012 and my last mod was from 2010 so with my new professional image editing skills I hope to bring new mods, downloads, and I hope our other authors will join me and work together on bringing new content to the world of brawl, I’m excited to see what new breakthroughs have been made in the brawl modding community, Later on I will look at other wii games that use the same file system that brawl relies on, and bring new content to other games.

What kind of things would you like to see come to brawl (or any other Nintendo Games)?
I’ll also see about hosting my N64 Texture Packs here, I’m very excited to announce that I’ve been working on a modernized Super Mario 64 Texture pack which is nearing a completed release. Said project I’ve combined not only high res elements but I have also been taking in to consideration ideas from modern 2013 mario games so I’ll need a little more time to implement ideas from the E3 Coverage, but I hope this will be a breath of fresh air in to a classic game and that you will feel like you’re playing it for the very first time.

I also want to explore the possibility of shaders and music replacement on older games but as I’m just a music and graphics guy it’ll be a long time before that is a reality (if it’s even possible). I apologize for not carrying on the Samurai Showdown Brawl mod it was to ambitious to tackle alone and as I grew in many ways I can now give accurate time expectations and figure out if a goal is realistic, but if someone was excited for that project I will make 1 or 2 more characters that I like from the series as both a thanks and apology.

I want to talk with Jose later to see about to what extent of content we can offer, I would be pleased to offer League of Legends mods and Wallpapers, but at the same time I fear leaving the original concept of this site.
(so yeah I just kind of posted this with out asking anyone…ha I’m so fired…lol sorry jose)

A realistic project for me if there’s any interest would be new music for brawl remixed/mastered by yours truly so I’m going to leave future project up to you guys for the most part so feel free to make comments, suggestions, and whatever else below.

I do have autodesk now so I will be getting my feet wet in model swaps and alterations to the models, I’ve learned roughly how to generate maps of the polygons so I can make changes and it won’t look like poop 😀

You guys can email me at this will ensure you don’t get mixed with the spam because honestly in my old email I just look for the free IHOP dinners and redbox codes lol. anyways I know this is all really informal and unnoficial but hey it’s something for 2013 and maybe it’s not too late to dust off and make some greatness

I hope all of our authors are having a great time, and hope to see post from you guys soon!

-LinkofAuburn (heylinksu)

Enter Monster Hunter Tri – Texture Mods

After my failed attempt at fixing broken results (from an even more broken FPK executable) via Hex Editing, I decided to start taking it easy and go back to nice and simple texture modding. This time, I have my eyes set on Monster Hunter Tri. MHT texture modding isn’t at all new, but not too many are dedicating time to creating  custom textures for this game. I also have some other nice hacks besides textures. I am able to play any online quest offline, thanks to a neat little app that allows for editing/creating custom quests. Also, I don’t have an ISP at the moment (again), but I should be able to fight the offline-only Ceadeus Online. A co-op Ceadeus battle! Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to post more when I get the chance, or get a new ISP. For now, enjoy these preview images of what I plan on doing. Oh, and don’t hesitate to request custom textures for MHT. I’ll be doing simple recolors first, so if you got a favorite color, suggest away!

been having hacker’s block… haven’t come up for a hack idea

hey everyone. sorry i haven’t been coming up with any new hacks lately. i’ve been having hacker’s block for days. i’ve been seriously bored almost everyday. i haven’t even come up with any kind of hack idea in a long time. hopefully this weekend, things might change. i’ll let you all know what will happen soon. i might even come up with a few new hacks. you never know.

~ xXPikaKingXx

Happy New Year + Texture Update

Brawl Mario & Luigi With Power Ups

Here is a long awaited texture post. Couldn’t upload since I’ve had no internet for nearly a year and I still don’t, but was able to visit my dad this new year’s and use his internet. Its the promised Brawl versions of Mario and Luigi with the Ice and Fire also Brawl style. There are no tweaks or updates to the textures, so they are the same as when I started on them a couple of months back, and given the video scaling, making them any better is practically unnoticeable, so no need to make them super-duper compulsively detailed. Sorry I can’t take screen caps, I don’t have my gear or Wii with me at the moment. I even uploaded the textures as ARC files instead of patches for easy replacement (and the fact that I don’t have my game to rip the original files required for patches). I’ll soon post the rest of the NSMBWii texture hacks, since they are ARC ready. I will also be creating some new ones, but those will probably be posted once I get my own ISP, which would hopefully be in 2-3 months, as I will be moving again. Hope everyone had a great new year’s!

Download Powered Up Brawl Mario & Luigi Textures

~Jose Gallardo~

Far away… Needs to leave…

As i have been so inactive, I dont have anymore ideas, My computer doesnt support the new brawl hacking tools… The time has come, I need to leave, and go on…. And hack another game!!

Yeah, you though I would leave the wii scene? well, you were wrong, im leaving the brawl hacking, and with the help of Riivolution and some people at some chats, Im beggining with the Mario Kart Wii hacking!!

i have already one video about the MKWii hacking, its a tutorial on how to model-swap bikes at MKWii with the SZS explorer and SZS modifier.

I hack in WorldWide races, and i have been recorded by some people, like Yoshiller and many ther people, I only add hackers in my friend roster, so if you are a hacker feel free to ask me for my FC 😉


Here is my Video tutorial, also I got a capture card!! and expect soon my model replace pack 😉

I have changed again my name, now its Knight Racer, im well known by that name in various chats :p, im in 2 clans, EC2 and CL 😉


~Knight Racer~

e3 Overview

Man, am I embarrassed. I told you guys I’d overview e3 everyday, and man, did I mess that up. So, I’ll flat out say it. I wasn’t paying ATTENSHUN ( I HAD TO). But, I’ve read up on it, and boy, I missed out this year. But, I won’t lie, this year wasn’t really Nintendo’s highlight.

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