e3 Overview

Man, am I embarrassed. I told you guys I’d overview e3 everyday, and man, did I mess that up. So, I’ll flat out say it. I wasn’t paying ATTENSHUN (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maopGsybxCU I HAD TO). But, I’ve read up on it, and boy, I missed out this year. But, I won’t lie, this year wasn’t really Nintendo’s highlight.

So, Epic Mickey kept at the top of the game, with a demo played live, and boy, it did not disappoint. The physics with the brush, the whole mechanic to the game simply blew me away. The trailer was pretty damn sweet too.

And looks like I have to issue an apology out to Nintendo for the 3DS, because that thing received some amazing feedback. Big screen, psp-esque gaming nub, thin, and amazing looking 3D. Yeah, blew me away too.

Now, the heavyweight, and what I was REALLY looking forward to. Skyward Sword. Man, what is it with Nintendo and ‘S’s? Anywho, the latest Legend of Zelda game was announced, and I had a very mixed reaction to it. The game, combining TP’s body of Link, OoT’s clothing for link, and WW’s cartoony style of Link, the gameplay demo showed some very creative new ideas, and some old recycled ‘what you’d expect of Nintendo’ ideas. But, all in all, the game looks like a purchase I’d be glad to make, given Nintendo irons out some of the bumpy and wonky controls I saw. But I’ll let you be the judge of the game. Leave a comment on how the video impacted you.

(Psst, if your waaay exited for this game, I would suggest getting LinkOfAuburns awesome Skyward Link Texture hack for Brawl. It’s purty damn sweet.

And Goldeneye. Holy crap, Inorite? That game kicked ass. But not much to say, it was only announced.

And of course, a classic FINALLY revived by Nintendo, Kid Icarus: Uprising. A smart choice as a launch title for the 3DS I’d say, Nintendo. Trailer looks fairly impressive for 3DS, although some gameplay did look a bit wonky to me. I’ll let you judge.

Other Nintendo crap-

Mario Sports Mix, Wii Party, Metriod: Other M, and some game announcements for 3DS like Paper Mario, Snake Eater (YES BEST GAME EVER), and Starfox 64. So, in short, Nintendo was the heavyweight of e3 this year.

Other e3 stuff that I was psyched for-

Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, and a few miscellaneous things.


Kinect. C’mon Microsoft, even Sony did a better job of copying Nintendo than that. Bring out Milo and show us some cool stuff, then see how the reaction is.

Did I leave anything out? Was I wrong about something? Exited about anything coming out? Leave a comment, yawl. Sorry for the delay.

-Nodxalt had the best birthday of his life haha just kidding it wasn’t that great but whatevs cause now I have an earthquake to worry about goddammit

5 responses to “e3 Overview”

  1. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    Not really amazed with anything

    something tells me the new Legend of zelda will be x2 easier and shorter, and its like, its no longer about zelda… its all link, link, and link.
    And new wii motion + movements???? im not convinced, i dont think it works.. ill have a hard time killing that bloody deku tree…

    I really was amazed with the 3DS, its the only thing that caught my attention.

    I think ill finally buy a DS..

  2. thanks for the highlight and I think Kid Icarus needs some spotlight it excited me at least, maybe some more videos. o3ob great work!

  3. Good call Link, I totally forgot. Trailer and opinion on that coming in.

  4. glad you put epic mickey, I think its well epic xD

  5. Hmm… Skyward Sword, Other M, and Epic Mickey’s all Im excited for, I really hope Other M isnt all about the 3rd person view, it just doesnt look attractive to me, I hope they go back to the Metroid Prime style 😦

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