[Brawl Hacks]

Some icons have a link leading to the source-download. If some images do not have a link, its most likely that the Texture hasn’t been released yet.

– Project Smash Attacks –

– Chaos Control Shadow –

– Element Ike-

timmynessicon slinki 24kdk rrev2 redkario dresslessicon icemarios iceluigi galacticgrunticon chocobo crosknit aquayoshi matrixkirby tabuukirby masterknight blackedike icesuitsamus1r icesuitsamus pkawesome Baby Mario baby luigi Baby Peach Baby Yoshi baby wario

enchantedD enchantedbattlefield dtpicto truetp grassyicon dtr matrixdestiny Dataflow Death Land Invisible Picto Cross Knight Ship emeraldsanctuary windoxp tabuudesstg galleomunderstg templeoftime resultstgicon

redross firebro shadowsonictroph awsomemeow torchicshine weavileshine suiconeshine shadow munchlax moltres mew metagross meowthshine jirachi groudon gardevoirshine deoxys celebi


  1. Help how can I get Other Item textures into the the common3.pac from here?

  2. Why can’t I play using items? When their are alot of items, it crashes! I hate that noise!

  3. Hmm….a suggestion. The item “Star” as “Ztar”, also known as the Dark Star but it’s name is “Ztar”. Only item I can think of now.

  4. where can we download those kakashi snake and shadow!?

  5. Yn0t, you can find most of these already up for download on Kitty Corp forums. The ones you mentioned belong to Marvin, so search his thread (titled: Marvin’s Textures)

  6. Where do you put the tgs files.?

  7. *sees Dark Samus*


  8. yo jose i really want to add some of viles edited item to ur phanto mask common3.pac but idk how to do this i foudn a link to a guide telling u how but the link is broken its been broken 4 days

  9. got any different strap loaders?

  10. ths jose 😀 all i found was the one usin hexin now i can actually use more items again thx o and have a awesome day

  11. im new 2 texturin but peeps say im pretty good wanna have a look at my first and only textur so far? also u can use my stuff 2 update ur roster if ya want

  12. where can we get the textures without the links?…
    i really want sum of these textures…plz help >.<

  13. try kittycorp they have lots

  14. nice job on the babies ^^

  15. I want the shadow and eggman one XD

  16. Does these codes work on PAL Brawl?

    If not, where can they be found?

    I’ve tried to get the textures in the game.. but it simply does’nt work.. what can the problem be?

    and another thing.. how can you make the character select screen to the full version, were every single char has their own spot? such as ZSS, Sheik and the PKMN trainers PKMN’s?

  17. im not sure bout pal i think u can just do a bit of research

  18. @DanishBread & streak77
    Regular Zelda Icon (CSS) [spunit262]
    * 046900E8 60000000

    CSS fixes for Samus/ZSS & Zelda/Shiek V2 [spunit262]
    * 80693D50 38800004
    * 06693D6C 00000008
    * 38000000 3880000F
    * 046900E8 60000000
    * 04697F58 60000000
    * 04697EEC 60000000

    CSS fixes for Giga & Company V2 [spunit262]
    * C2684940 00000002
    * 9BB400B8 57BD06BE
    * 2C1D001B 00000000
    * 040AF8D4 546025B6
    * 040AF964 546025B6
    * 040AF830 546025B6
    * 040AF528 546025B6
    * 040AF810 546025B6
    * 040AF880 546025B6
    * 040AF848 546025B6

    Custom CSS V3 [spunit262]
    * 0668310C 00000030
    * 387E006C 3B600000
    * 3C808068 38840DE0
    * 7CBB20AE 7CA50775
    * 41800014 94A30004
    * 3B7B0001 2C1B0032
    * 4180FFE8 48000038
    * 04690338 48000068
    * 066900d8 00000008
    * 2c170028 41820168
    * 02680DE0 0022FFFF
    * 06680DE0 00000029
    * 00090D0C 0515011A
    * 0A071325 1002240E
    * 0F140616 1F172903
    * 040B1908 23201B5D
    * 5E5C1121 18221226
    * 27000000 00000000

    Custom Random V1 [spunit262]
    * 06685824 0000000C
    * 3C608068 7C630214
    * 88630E80 00000000
    * 046857F0 3AE00028
    * 06680E80 00000028
    * 00090713 02141121
    * 060C0D25 0A0E0F0B
    * 19161505 03041824
    * 011A1F08 23201B5D
    * 5E5C1017 26271222

    Independent Pokemon Engine +no wreck My Music V2 [spunit262]
    * 06407BD0 0000000E
    * 04030F0D 1E1B1F1B
    * 201B211B 221B0000
    * C2684964 00000007
    * 881400B8 2C00003F
    * 41A00028 2C03001D
    * 40A20008 3860001E
    * 2C03001F 40A20008
    * 38600020 2C030021
    * 40A20008 38600022
    * 987400B8 00000000

  19. @DMN
    Are they really for the PAL version? Cause my game hangs up before I get to the character selection screen/

  20. if anyone can send me txs files of Naruto ike, fierce diety link, solid snake, kakashi snake plz!!! 4 sum reason i cant download them =[

    my emile is chazman752000@yahoo.com

  21. its using on dolphin emulador?

  22. can someone help me?
    i want someone to make a mephiles and super shadow texture for sonic … maybe marvin

  23. marvin would probably be able to do it

  24. @C@rlos:it’s been done,go like it up.
    @IceMan:Search it
    @DM:oh sorry no there for US only,i didnt see the word pal sorry ^_^’

  25. what i mean is
    you know how people have done SUPER SONIC textures for sonic
    how about a SUPER SHADOW texture
    also, mephiles

  26. they r good

  27. They need to have battle icons and character portraits included. (For those who know how to insert them, since they are in a common PAC file)

  28. not to be a jerk or anything, and sorry if I offend you, but if you made a mephiles or super shadow texture, I’d prefer that you make it from this texture


  29. and again, sorry if I have offended you, but i prefer the shadow that I posted(not mine)

  30. but i did make these textures


    rename to “FitMario00” and “FitLuigi00”

  31. basically it’s mario/luigi with black pants and smash balls on their hats/gloves

  32. in cse you do make the textures i asked for(actually more like begging)my email is

  33. i spelled “case” wrong

  34. Carlos you type to much.
    go host your textures here then.

  35. i just might do that

  36. @Jose Gallardo can you realese your csp for striker mario and striker luigi?I saw them in a vid of yours.Please!

  37. marvin
    I used your shadow to make my texture
    is that ok with you

  38. are there any good raichu textures out? and are there any link movesets?

  39. check the kitty corp forums

  40. I have, but all I found was one without stripes….

  41. sistem aid textures went back to delete the folder system does not work ponele folder previously working textures

  42. delete the folder textures aid system re-ponele folder system now not working previously working textures please

  43. there’s no syndrome(the incredibles) or mephiles?

  44. http://elitesmashhackers.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/costume-items-and-css/ hey can any of you guys do these textures for items i already now how to compress them so no need to do a common3.pac plz anyone i really want these item textures

  45. jose can you please hook me up with the dark wii theme
    i am 4.2 sucks please 😀

  46. please jose i tried so many:( times your my only hope

  47. you can look me up on youtube as mariokartwi please help 😀

  48. nice textures jose o and please 😀 ^

  49. how come my pokemon glitch city texture hack isnt on the roster list huh? i worked hard on the stage…
    plz put my stage texture hack on the roster ok?

  50. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FPICTV6C
    Common3 PAC download here. Download link disappeared above.

  51. Smashbro619, sorry I haven’t put up your Stage. Did you send me an Icon for it? If not, then I have to make one soon then.

  52. Hello, i’m new to hacking super smash on the wii and i was wondering if any1 could tell me if i need the actual fullgame information of smash on the cd onto my computer, i have brawlbox but the turtorials seem to show that the brawlbox is just creating an edited file that is similar to the origional file in the cd and replaces the origional file, i don’t have the files on the smash disk on my computer to replace with, does that mean i can’t use brawlbox or any other suersmash/wii editing besides the SuperSmashStageEditor that removes block limit and lets you build little outside of the map? The turtorials don’t seem that complicated, it just seems like the only missing piece is to replace the origional file with the edited one i made from brawlbox, if this is the only way and/or what i’m missing, please let me know, i’ll appreciate it very much xD Thank you
    <(' '’ ‘)>

  53. Oh also, i have sd card but the folders in mine do not match the ones in the turtorials, like fighter/melee/stage/item/ect… theirs just the ST Folder for the SuperSMasMapEdit/stagestudio, how do i get all those folders into mine? do i have to manually create em or can i download the entire pack/what i need for brawlbox and just put it into my SdCard/Private/wii/app/RSBE/(i think theirs supose to be a pf folder here)/Here??

  54. um its private wii app rsbe then bthe pf folder with the texture hackes now make a folder called st and place the st. in there now open stage studio and make a level of your chose . then hit save and if you dont have a st. file just build a romdom stage on brawl and save it on your sd card then go to your computer and place the stage studio stage you created and replace it with the one on the sd card and keep the name of the one you made on your wii like if the st. file name is like st_100129_2242 then copy that on the stage studio file you replaced with the one created on the wii for more help post another comment or tell jose because hose rock 🙂

  55. ps. also a simple search on youtube works 🙂

  56. I know how to use stage studio, im asking if theirs other programs that dont require the actual supersmash game files to replace with edited files.

  57. Could someone please make a metaknight texture, that looks like Protoman? If you don’t know who he is, look here:

    Someone please do this. I’ve tried, but i’m not good enough a photo editor…

  58. Could a SMB3 Underground for Mushroomy Kingdom
    And maybe a SMB3 Mario & Luigi.

  59. I wonder if someone could make a SMB2 style Princess Peach texture hack.

  60. Samus Black Melee Costume

  61. how do get all this stuff ive never heard of this stuff.what do i download it on to. idont know if my email work so ill just keep chexking up

  62. How much longer till eggman?!?

  63. wehttam321 ^_~

    santa toon link is a swidish hero!!!Just watch this vidie to find out why!!! http://en.tackfilm.se/?id=1272340707670RA20 !
    P.S. plz dont spam this i am going to make this site more popular if you don’t and its also for you to enjoy & it is NOT making fun of your work it’s telling how awesome you are at making textures!
    -Wehttam321 ^_~

  64. As soon as I get my own internet back, I will upload all of Marvin’s textures that have yet to be uploaded to the site.

  65. could you try to give toonlink a golden sword kinda like in link to the and twilight princess.
    what about giving link a golden sword. toonlink should have one to
    ganons would make a great stage. i think (ganons castle)
    i want toonlink to look the same as he was in wind waker. kinda like a gcn toonlink. thers a differenc

  66. Please the download link!

  67. LOL! There are 69 comments on top of mine.

  68. How do u get Shadow?

  69. Oh, the memories! Remember me?

  70. Do you guys think you could work on making a Saria Model? And a Skull kid model? they would be great additions to the roster

  71. slippy will rage ’cause he’s not there

  72. I really want Phoenix Wright in Brawl!

    Please make a Phoenix Wright hack! If you did I would love you guys FOREVER!

  73. baby babies Mario luigi

  74. how do i download this cause im very confused and i am new to this hacking stuff so if any one van help me please comment.

  75. I enjoy, lead to I found exactly what I used to be taking a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  76. can we try maybe a bugs bunny hack for fox cuz i have a daffy duck 1 XD

  77. Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to look it over. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Fantastic blog and terrific style and design.

  78. I would like brawl hack

  79. Cheyenne Poirrier

    y isnt dark samous availiblle????

  80. When i click olympic mario it’ll just take me to some website where it does not have a download!


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