[NSMBWii Hacks]

These are Texture hacks for New Super Mario Bros Wii. Use them via Riivolution or ISO file replacement.

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I do my best to take in-game screenshots for the icons so you can see the actual texture, but since the game has no camera function, I can’t zoom in on some characters like Yoshi, so I have to get an image from the web and edit it as accurately as possible to the actual texture. No worries, once I release the textures, I’ll post actual screens in the updates.


And now Smashbro619 is pitching in!

  1. Can you do a retro Mario and Luigi texture?

  2. Hcaker91010 Error

    Um Can You Make Demon Luigi And Shadow Mario Thanks…

  3. *USB loader person looks back*
    I’ll be keeping tabs on the site so I know when they’ll start being released =3 I would definitely make use of these if you release them though.

  4. Blaze Foxx Mcloud

    I am new to hacking NSMBWii and how do I add textures to this game?

  5. I think i will buy a usb this year, if not, i will burn a disc with a lot of NSMBWii hacks

  6. Roster items have been updated. And hear this: Stage Textures coming soon.

  7. @ Jose Gallardo

    *Head explodes*

  8. hey jose, out of curiosity what are the model types?

  9. @ LinkofAuburn

    They are .raw files, packed in szs files, packed in .arc files, packed in partition 2[DATA], packed in an .iso file

    @ Jose Gallardo

    If you can, do a poison mushroom,koopa with blue shell and a green magikoopa

  10. @Thunder Ztar

    Do you mean a Blue Koopa Troopa, or Blue Koopa Bowser? In japanese, Koopa means Bowser, so that is why I got a bit confused.

  11. @ Jose Gallardo

    i was talking about a koopa troopa, i know koopa in japenes means bowser, but i always say bowser instead of koopa, and talking about bowser, if you can, do a giga bowser texture for bowser when he fells to the lava and magikoopa made him giant

  12. Could you make a SMB3 style Mario & Luigi?

  13. @Mewzard64

    You mean something like this?:

    If so, I’ll give it a shot later today. (without the raccoon power-up, of course)

    EDIT: Here is end-product. The overall colors are darker in-game:

    SMB3 Mario

  14. Hey could you give me a link to a guide for this?

  15. @Jose

    Yeah, It looks Awesome!!!

  16. Can you make Mario and Luigi look like Wario and Waluigi the colors anyway and the name too

  17. i use the usb loader
    release the textures now pleez

  18. Any possiabality of a file patch code for this comming out?

  19. A File Patch code like that for Brawl is technically impossible due to the fact that NSMBWii does not use an SD card for unloading any type of Data, which Brawl does. However, there might be a possibility of replacing files like the patch code via the Riivolution Homebrew app which is yet to be released. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on the subject.

  20. hey Jose! can i help out with some New SMB Wii textures too? i would definitely love to help as well! i have the character models already extracted from the iso but how do i extract the textures of them inside then reinsert them back in?

  21. Can You Make A SMB1 Mario And Luigi texture?

  22. I hope next is replacing music

  23. Really great textures, hope you release them soon, thinking of maybe using some of them in my new game hack 😉

  24. Maybe A SMB3 Fire Mario & Luigi to go with the SMB3 Mario & Luigi.

  25. A SMW Cartoon Mario & Luigi would be cool if someone could make that.

  26. If there’s a way to texture hack Peach, then could you maybe make her in SMB2 style.
    And A Green Yoshi with black spikes/shell/shoes would be cool too.

  27. SMB2 Toad, All you have to do is change vest a little then make the shoes blue.

  28. Pleeeeease! make malleo and weegee

  29. are you going to release the textures now that theres a way to load the files easily? (riivolution). Keep up the good work!

  30. agreed, you should release these with riivolution out, I already tested it with a couple of stages and it works perfect.

  31. can you tell me wich program you use to edit .RAW files?

  32. Please release! For the sake of Riivolution! 😀

  33. never mind

  34. With riivolution 1.01 out you should make a server for these.

  35. JaredHedgehog from KC-MM

    Where are the downloads for these hacks???

  36. Did you read -_-

  37. Can you do yellow koopa and mario from smb1?

  38. And the download link?

  39. Can I help out too? I’m not too good with making textures but I can send them to you so you can see what’s wrong and stuff… Please?

  40. May I help? I’m not good at texture’s,but I can at least make the stage’s ^_^

  41. IrresistiblePie

    Mama Luigi, Mr.L, and Mr.M? Thanks.

  42. So you’re holding out on us until enough people ask for the downloads? Somebody needs his ego stroked. Nonetheless, I’d like the chance to use these textures as well.

  43. So….When is the release gonna be?

  44. Riivolution is out. The level editor is out. Hurry up and just release the damn textures or no one’s gonna keep bothering with this.

  45. I’m releasing NSMB wii textures. Jose, I want to make a Brawl texture but don’t wanna seem like I’m stepping on your toes or whatever, so I thought I’d let you know.

    *Edited by Admin [Reason: Removed Link Advertising]

  46. @Darkly77

    Its ok, you can make whatever you wish. It doesn’t bother me at all, and shouldn’t bother anyone for that matter. However, Advertising without consent is frowned upon by the Net many, so I removed the link to your Blog from your previous comment. I’ll be happy to link to your Blog once you get some content though.

  47. Thanks dude, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  48. where download link?

  49. Dude i been waiting along time for these look at this website for the XML to get the texture hacks running. website: http://nsmbmods.blogspot.com/ it shows all the cool stuff and the XML for the texture hacks for the Riivolution channel. thanks and please read this.

  50. P.S. im a mario Kart Wii hacker and can you make some Mario Kart Wii texture Hacks for everybody.

  51. Thanks for the props Cole4306. I’ve got some serious content now, and even a couple of extra contributors!

  52. Faith Genesis Raven

    Please upload smb3 mario and luigi
    they look fantastic in the pics

  53. Teh Ultimate Mario Fan

    Im working on SMB1 Mario and Luigi everybody! So stop posting comments about it!

  54. Splashman at the Retro Remix forums made a SMB1 Mario, Luigi and Peach: LINK

  55. Is there any way to d othis without using wiirevolution?

  56. alle items und character

  57. **challenge**

    heres a cool challenge for you, see if you can replace a character all together. Try to replace luigi in his invincibilitys code with donkey kong if you can manage to do that than you will be the official texture hack king

    Email me with photo,not a vid, an actual photo

  58. sorry i meant to type that my email was tmc12rocks@gmail.com

  59. Thomas C., what you’re talking about isn’t texture hacking, it’s model replacement. Unlike SSBB, there’s no public tool available to edit NSMBw’s character models.

  60. not completely true, work on the texture one fature at a time, eventually you will get it, doing so is not a total model replacement because that means th that they will have completely different stuctures and bases, which is a competely unnessessary process, trust me, i would not habe challenge you to do this if i had not asked such questions myself first


  62. So… you’re saying, give Luigi a texture that looks like Donkey Kong?

  63. That would be correct.

  64. thomas c, I could make Luigi in a monkey suit. That’s the best possible given that models cant be edited. Here’s a mockup in MSPaint:

    And here’s Luigi in a DK-style monkey suit someone created on DA: LINK

  65. Thomasc, I made a quick monkey suit for Mario. Check out a screenshot and video here.

  66. Hey darkly77, I added your site to the links section. I noticed that you have my site link on yours as well, thanks. But my name is Gallardo, not Gollardo, haha. Keep on hacking!

  67. Haha! Sorry Jose, I’ve been getting your name wrong for months! Thanks for the link 🙂

  68. how can i be one of the characters?

  69. @mendel
    I don’t have this game, so I’m only guessing, and reading part of the above post, but it seems like you would have to use WiiScrubber and edit a particular model file.
    Google beckons you.

  70. Your suggestions are find on…I feel the notion of persistence is in particular vital…it’s what you do over time which matters…delivering steady top quality.

  71. dfadtyfteysafgjewf

    How can you download it ???

  72. I do wish you would release these soon.


  74. Where is the link

    giv us the link already!!!

  75. Sorry, these are long overdue. But I had problems, one of them included not having internet (which I still don’t, but am borrowing). I will try releasing these soon. If there is any you would like me to release first, let me know. I’ll probably release them as batch links in the end.

  76. how do you do you get those characters

  77. como le haces para hacer eso en el wii

  78. I liked the classic characters and all items

  79. ca marche plus :/

  80. nice job, but please add a new download link. there is not 1 in sight.

  81. I can not download the SMB3 mario

  82. i have link for toad and toadette


    there both together so watch out

  83. how to make flying Mario @ luigi

  84. this aint fair for all this hard work

  85. download smb3 mario and luigi?

  86. CarterTornadoGuy

    Could you make SuperMarioGlitchy4?

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