2020 Update – A Word from a Lost Legend

Hello everyone, its been several years since my last official post. Years have gone by, time’s have changed, and the blog lives as a testament to the once exciting and intriguing world of Super Smash Bros Brawl Hacks. Who knew 13 years later, video game streaming and hacking would thrive in novelty fashion, and what was once a skill led by a chosen few, exploded to reach the hands of many talented gamers and software developers. I can only say I feel very privileged to have participated in what appeared to be an era of game modding and stream pioneers. Many of the 2007 era of game modders and hackers have left the scene, including myself, but a wave of new and amazingly talented hackers and artists have arrived. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say. The same holds true for modding. Let’s continue seeing some amazing work from the new era of gamers, without stepping over the boundaries of the developers that brought us some great art and entertainment themselves (unless that boundary is boundarybreak). I have not been completely awol, as you may have bumped into me during online games as either Zeek, midenhall, or most notably, Zeekatron.

If you wish to follow me further, my twitter from eons ago still exists, and I may start to do some random giveaways from time to time: twitter.com/jose_gallardo

As well as my YouTube channel, the core of the [brawl hack] era: YouTube.com/josegallardo89

The fate of this website is yet to be decided, although a reboot might be for the best. Meaning starting anew, or if it matters, keep it as a monument to the 2007 game hacking era.

Please remain safe during these times. If you can, find ways to help others to the best of your abilities.

Take care,

Jose Gallardo

aka Zeekatron

p.s all site links are dead. Please do not click on any links on the site, as they will all redirect to ghost sites of previous hosting websites. I am aware of this and will remove them when I get some time. Which is why I wanted to reboot the website and pretty much erase everything.

One response to “2020 Update – A Word from a Lost Legend”

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