NSMB Wii Galaxy 81 New BRSTM’s

-Post by: VettacossX

Well hello again amigos! I have just converted all the MP3 from the super mario galaxy 2 disc platinum sound track to My Backup of the New Super Mario Bros Wii and thought i may as well share them Exclusively with my Nintendo Bros! (this is the only place to get this sound mod because Nintendo bros is awesome!)


I converted these Using this tool


You can edit and listen to your brstm with this tool


Super Mario 3 sound track
Super Mario World Sound track

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 1.rar
Size: 179MB | Description: BRSTM

File Name: GalaxyBRSTM Disk 2.rar
Size: 166MB | Description: BRTSM


14 responses to “NSMB Wii Galaxy 81 New BRSTM’s”

  1. excelent, vettacossx, but one question, if super mario galaxy isnΒ΄t released yet, why do you have the original soundtrack?

  2. not GALAXY 2…But rather a 2 DISK soundtrack 81 songs from mario galaxy the original sorry for the confusion bro my grammar and punctuation is terrible πŸ˜›

  3. I doubt it, but does new super Mario bros wii use pac/pcs for textures, if not what type of file?

  4. Doubt what? And Arc maybe but wait for Virus and Vash to work all that out bro bte check team benzins Squidmans GITHUB codes you will see A hack of IOS to allow patched reading of files, or even completely replace files on the DVD, transparently using files from the SD card.


    so yeah….

  5. I wish I could, I need to buy a new sd card right now, I completely messed mine up. Luckily I backed it all up before it happened.

  6. For a moment there I thought you meant the SMG 2 soundtrack… cause if that was out, I would go nuts to DL it ASAP! Lol. it will be fun to hack some songs whn i get the game tomorrow (The athletic theme arranged for M&S Winter Olympics is waaay better)

  7. Well the cool thing is thanks to the new brawl tools being updated we can make any MP3 into a BRSTM in no time (i just shared this because 81 songs takes a bit longer and thought it might save someone time I will also do mario 3 and SMW when i get a chance to because i know there are people intent on level editing some multiplayer clones of those games to the best of there capability with the tools available)

    When we can texture hack this its gonna make the creation of “mario clones” easier πŸ˜‰ making all the GFX based on SNES super mario world will be a riot!

  8. Excellent work, but….wasn’t the entire Super Mario Galaxy already converted to brstm format by someone else?

  9. This is the ORCHESTRATED @ DISC PLATINUM SOUNDTRACK and where did anyone ever convert this to BRSTM before i posted these? if you dont mind pointing out wth your refering to i would appreciate it πŸ˜› thanks in advanced

  10. Why don’t you just converted SMG AST to BRSTM??? (If you don’t own galaxy, or you can’t find the ast files, then ignore this question…..)

  11. Well, in Smash Forums there is a gamerip with the game quality, perfectly looped, etc, etc..

  12. Why am I blocked? >_<

  13. Can someone give me a hand? I’m trying to add music to my game, but no luck >.< can someone link me to a file or something.

  14. Could someone link me to a tutorial on using the aforementioned (spelling fail) utility for nsmbw? It appears to be made for brawl, therefore I have no idea what to name the music files after conversion. thanks in advance (or screw you in advance, depending on your answer). πŸ™‚

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