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Far away… Needs to leave…

As i have been so inactive, I dont have anymore ideas, My computer doesnt support the new brawl hacking tools… The time has come, I need to leave, and go on…. And hack another game!!

Yeah, you though I would leave the wii scene? well, you were wrong, im leaving the brawl hacking, and with the help of Riivolution and some people at some chats, Im beggining with the Mario Kart Wii hacking!!

i have already one video about the MKWii hacking, its a tutorial on how to model-swap bikes at MKWii with the SZS explorer and SZS modifier.

I hack in WorldWide races, and i have been recorded by some people, like Yoshiller and many ther people, I only add hackers in my friend roster, so if you are a hacker feel free to ask me for my FC 😉


Here is my Video tutorial, also I got a capture card!! and expect soon my model replace pack 😉

I have changed again my name, now its Knight Racer, im well known by that name in various chats :p, im in 2 clans, EC2 and CL 😉


~Knight Racer~

Naruto´s Sand Village

This is my latest stage hack, Naruto´s  Sand Village, goes over the online training room(STGONLINETRAINING.pac)

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Koopa ParaTroopa update

Here is the Version 1.0 of my Koopa Troopa:

If you want the menu that i have. here is it, thanks to SuperMasterHand for the CSS
With SMH´s custom CSS:


..::Thunder Ztar::../..::Master Hax::..

Why Thunder Ztar? because i wanted to change my name

Finally, An update by me

Finally, i update i have a project im working, Project Koopa ParaTroopa Read the rest of this entry

Metroid update

phazon suit samus, i see it in a video of youtube, the ending of metroid prime and i made the texture, it also have csp! here are some pics

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target smash is DYING!

Post by: Master Hax

i cant take pictures on the target smash because of it i take pictures with my camera, and sorry for no update i have this textures like 1 week ago but my computer stop working, here are the pics.

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Six new textures!

-Post by: Master Hax

six new textures, i have doned all this textures in one week, i think my next update will be my favorite brstm music


Emerald Santuary:

Master Knight:

Ice Suit Samus and Ice Zero Suit Samus (with csp´s for use with smashbox ) all in one in a zip file

Tabuu Kirby:

Super Silver

And something happened to my emerald santuary texture, sometimes the characters have some dark or light on all his body and the items cant appear, someone can help me with that problem?