Finally, An update by me

Finally, i update i have a project im working, Project Koopa ParaTroopa

Thanks to Power Marshall For help me with the Master Hand Stage and credit to him for the background too, the Master Hand will not be released because is not finished,

Captain Mario and Luigi…

Koopa ParaTroopa v0.1

NOTE:Forward tilt can currupt the game, jumping or quiting the battle may fix that and if you play with 3 or 4 players the game will crash i dont know how to fix that

Custom Menu Hack[Red-Blue]

..::Master Hax::..

7 responses to “Finally, An update by me”

  1. Blaze Foxx Mcloud Avatar
    Blaze Foxx Mcloud

    Nice Job! I LOVE the parratroopa! Might download it once I get homebrew again!

  2. Where do you put the menu hack?

  3. Where do you put the Menu Texture?
    I want to know that too!

  4. In the RSBE folder make a new folder named pfmenu2, yes, pfmenu2

  5. Hi I’ve been trying to use it. But I don’t know how to make Gecko OS work… and the peach final smash texture doesn’t work either.

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