Metroid update

phazon suit samus, i see it in a video of youtube, the ending of metroid prime and i made the texture, it also have csp! here are some pics

i will not update in a while because i get Metroid Prime Trilogy, and i want to play it, i will  make some new textures when i fimish metroid prime(only one of the three games). down of this is the download for Phazon Suit Samus

..::Master Hax::..

5 responses to “Metroid update”

  1. Cool! I like the Light Suit better, but this one loos sweeeet! XD

  2. i was never able to use CSPs. can u explain it to me? im no hack creator, just use em

  3. you need to get the common5.pac(i will not give it to you, because i think is ilegal) open it with brawlbox, then search for char-bust-tax or something similar open it and search the image you want to replace, then save changes put on your sd card on pf/system/ and play

  4. on second thought, im good >.>

  5. Very Nice texture Thx.
    PS: I love to see you do a ZSS w/ a Bayonetta Costume

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