Koopa ParaTroopa update

Here is the Version 1.0 of my Koopa Troopa:

If you want the menu that i have. here is it, thanks to SuperMasterHand for the CSS
With SMH´s custom CSS:


..::Thunder Ztar::../..::Master Hax::..

Why Thunder Ztar? because i wanted to change my name

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  1. Awesome Koopa Troopa! Always loved those flying turtles. ^_^

  2. could you upload the code for the css
    the on from SMH got deleted

  3. @ Mastaklo

    These code?

    Custom CSS V3 [spunit262]
    * 0668310C 00000030
    * 387E006C 3B600000
    * 3C808068 38840DE0
    * 7CBB20AE 7CA50775
    * 41800014 94A30004
    * 3B7B0001 2C1B0032
    * 4180FFE8 48000038
    * 04690338 48000068
    * 066900d8 00000008
    * 2c170028 41820168
    * 02680DE0 0022FFFF
    * 06680DE0 00000025
    * 00010203 06070811
    * 12091A0E 1716131B
    * 21260D05 14101F25
    * 200B270C 15242218
    * 0A231904 29000000

  4. Is it possible that you could make Koopa and Paratroopa as a replacement for the Ice Climbers?

  5. @ LinkofAuburn


    @ NinjaFish

    no, i cant do that because ice cimbers have more bones than Koopa ParaTroopa or Koopa,and if that were possible, i can replace ice climbers for only 1 character, example: 2 Koopas or 2 Koopa ParaTroopas

  6. Man… Para Troopa is to big… XD
    Isn’t there a code to make him sized with Squirtle? He’s too damn giant! lol

  7. nice but how do you get the special in there you should make a download for that and how come i cant play as a few characters. and how do you actually play as him i had the code to play as alloys but i lost it please post a compleat code to play as paratroopa thanks :):):):):):):)

  8. sorry that was a long comment 😦

  9. @ Val Halen

    he is in the size that he appears in the sse, but i dont know how to do it smaller, ill try to fix that the next version, for now on im working on other character, his neame begin whit S.

    @ Alex

    go to supermasterhand youtube acount and youll find all the things you want.

    @ alex

    it doesnt matter.

  10. OMG……i Want!THAT!
    Texture for Delfino can i haz plz!

  11. @ DMN

    i only was testing a night time texture that i made but it failed, but ill upload it soon

  12. thanks Thunder Ztar but um for like cloud strife where can i find the code or whatever to play as him please help 🙂

  13. Hey, about your cool CSS menu…

    Whenever I try to use it, it won’t allow me to change player names or choose characters on the bottom part of the selection screen.

    I can’t tell what’s wrong.


  15. neeed help i got your Thunder Ztar carecter selection screen but with the sc_selcharacter.pac it doesnt load my pcs. can you help 😦

  16. @Alex

    you need the file patch code 3.5.1

  17. thanks but i have that my pcs wont load i have yours for the alloys but mine wont load can you send me a linke of your file of your pcs thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. your actuall file thanks

  19. @ Alex

    the file that i provide for download has the .pac, .pcs,Montion.pac and a csp.

    @ Alex

    that is my actual file, i wont update the character until i have some progres with the other character that im working on.

  20. what code for to use menu2 on rsbe folder

  21. @ sasuke

    file patch code 3.5.1

  22. misterpimp5757

    wow that looks cool.

    hey do you have a DL for you CSS? and what about the hand icon?

  23. Why is it that whenever I try to use it it doesn’t allow me to change choose the characters on the bottom part of the selection screen,or change names. I already tried going on supermasterhand’s youtube page,but found no helpful information. I also went to youtube and typed in (SSBB [HACK] Alloys with icons in CSS ( + Strap and Title Hack) and downloaded the alloys with icons and the ather characters.Any Help Please… 😦

  24. hi, i was just wondering how u got ur character select menu?, cuz i would love that, thx! please email me with teh code; marioslammer333@hotmail.com

  25. just make a new folder just name it menu 2 and put in pf folder

  26. what do you do when its downloaded??????

  27. how do i put these codes in?? plz reply 🙂

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