Character Highlight – Luigi

Let’s face it Mario fans, Luigi is much better at everything. Just kidding! Before barraging us with fireballs and hammers, let’s take a look at our first ever character highlight. Luigi takes the spot for this memorable occasion for a reason: he is and has been my favorite video game character of all time! Luigi is Mario’s younger “twin-brother” (and yes, I said twin brother). Although Luigi didn’t quite appear beside Mario in the Red guy’s first game, he was, according to Nintendo’ ever-changing series of events, born at the same time. It really isn’t a mystery, seeing as how the first games in the Mario Bros. series often portrayed Luigi as a green version of Mario. Pretty identical, if you ask me. Luigi got taller and leaner, however, and eventually gained a mysterious jumping prowess that rivaled that of Mario. Luigi is significantly faster nowadays, and and is now gaining a rapidly growing fan-base of its own. While Luigi seems to have the upper hand when compared to Mario’s basic moves, it is not really true. In theory, Luigi just has a different skill set to master, providing a new “Mario” experience. It also depends on a player’s tastes. Luigi’s seemingly higher jump can be bothersome to many, as well as Mario’s regular jump can be seen as “stale” or “old” to others. But one thing will forever stand out: Luigi is the mean green machine, while Mario is… The Red Fed Guy?

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