Brawl- For Skill Or For Fun?

This has got to be the most discussed argument I have heard over at YouTube. I’ve seen many people comment on Brawl’s uncompetitive side, and others saying how well balanced of a game it is. Although Brawl can easily be considered a “pick-up-and-play” video game, the so called “skill” is actually present when fighting through competitive battles, or even when playing on Wi-fi. Sure, Brawl is made for everyone, but there is also the option to clear all items (smashballs included) and have a hand-to-hand combat. The speed of SSBB is in fact slower compared to Melee, but this means more time to appreciated the animation goodness. Masahiro Sakurai (Sora Ltd.) had a vision in mind, to let everyone a chance to be part of a chaotic world featuring many familiar faces and giving players more “fun” for their buck. Brawl may seem like a less competitive game than its previous predecessors, but hardcore fans should take into account that there are plenty of options in the game to give skill the upper hand over luck. Also, a very potent Brawl player can wipe out the majority of contestants, with or without Smashballs. If this game is made for everyone, how can it possibly exclude competitive players? My advice, turn off items and you have a better game than Melee an SSB put together. And the truth is, Brawl is more fun with Chaos turned to the max, so stop stressing and enjoy the wacky goodness!

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