Is Screenwatching a Form of Cheating?

Its time for a double-side TV!

We have all played or seen a 2 (or more) player split screen mode of a video game. For example, when playing a 2 player race in Mario Kart Wii on the same TV, the screen is split into two sections: the left side for player 1 and the right side for player 2. While this is the only method for playing multiplayer on most games, I came to the conclusion that many players look at an opponent’s side of the screen to see what he or she is up two. This is what is known as “screenwatching”. Although it may seem pretty harmless, games like first-person shooters are extremely susceptible to screenwatchers. Games like Mario Kart also lose their frenzy when you know what your opponent is carrying inside his Kart. Somehow, screenwatching feels like a diminutive cheating method that can easily be avoided by resisting a bit of curiosity. I never look at what my opponent is doing, and I tend to lose many matches in which screenwatching was involved. Does anyone else believe screenwatching is basically cheating? We welcome all thoughts and comments!

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