Nintendo DSI Announced for Release April 5th

Hello! I’m new here, I was added as contributor on this website. Anyways, Nintendo has announced the release of the “evolved” DS Lite. Called the “DSi.” It’s more thin than the DS Lite, and it has 2 cameras. One on the outside, used for taking pictures of your friends, and another inside for taking a picture of yourself. It can also support AAC files, but I’m not so sure about MP3 files. It has a feature where you can have a cool colored screen and play the music, or have Mario in his original NES game form, running, while coins drop according to the speed of the music. There’s also a feature that let’s you speed up or slow down the music. You can play DS games with it, too, or swap the game with another without it freezing. However, this only works for DSi games. It WILL freeze if you do that with DS games. You can also go on the “Nintendo DSi Shop” and buy things like you can on the “Wii Shop Channel.” There is a web browser you can download, which is pretty neat, but some people say it’s not worth the download because it’s so slow. So, I’d have to rate it 5/5 Stars. Good Luck!

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