Wario and Diddy Strikers

To end with the characters the Mario Strikers.

Here Wario and Diddy.

A rival for Mario.

This character came about after aver Peach ended long ago.

Although I believe that this lack of details to improve texture.

Diddy Striker Striker was the last thing I did about a month ago.

This texture was never intended to do so because of its complexity Striker by adjusting their hair.

But when I decided to applications pleased with this version, which is not fully detailed.



3 responses to “Wario and Diddy Strikers”

  1. Yes! Diddy Strikers FTW! I’m going to download It right now. Also I think It’s too bad that Strikers DK and Strikers Petey won’t be made. Anyway these are great!

  2. smashmaniac2008 Avatar

    for the CPS how do i make them like appear on the CSS?

  3. We need more outfitts for Diddy Kong please have ideas do Diddy hes my favorite person so please come up with more ideas

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