Chaos Control Shadow [3.0] Quick Rundown

-Post by: Jose Gallardo
This is long due, but better late than never


  1. What has not changed
  2. What has been altered
  3. TIPS & Warnings

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– Download Chaos Control Shadow Here –

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First and foremost, what has NOT been changed or altered from Sonic’s original moveset:

-All grabs and throws


-Down Smash

-Up A (aka up tilt)

-Down B Special

-Up Air

-Neutral Air

-All arial dodges

-Forward and backward ground dodge

-All neutral standing, falling, and recover animations

-Final Smash

-Victory Poses

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The following have been altered. This may include a moveset MOD(+), collision MOD(-), Graphx/Sound MOD(*), or all 3 mods combined. Quick overview in bracketz, but there may be more changes for each particular MOD (ex:graphx & sound) that will not be covered:

  • -Character Intro [Sonic’s Final Smash Ending animation;added purple graphx] +/-/*
  • -Running/dashing [more speed;collision present only during dashing; minimum damage from flame running] -/*
  • -Less Grip & more air mobility [self explanatory] /+/
  • -AAA Combo [Low kick, stretch kick, High kick] +/-/*
  • -Side Tilt A (high,mid,low) [original smash attack] +/-/*
  • -Down Tilt A [ground recover kick;has invincibility until ending animation frames;can spike opponents from a ledge if timely] +/-/*
  • -Up Tilt [extra hitlag] /-/
  • -neutral dodge [grab-release animation] /+/
  • -Neutral B Special [Chaos sound on rebound;no more blue aura when rising;blue aura when rebound] /*/
  • -Side B (air & ground) [Instant Charge; if you hold B, speed will be far greater than original charge]
  • -Down Air [flame dive;a bit more hitlag,damage,and range] +/-/*
  • -Side Air Back [flame grapx] /*/
  • -Side Air Forward [forward-throw(kick) animation] +/-/*
  • -Neutral Air B Special [Targets center stage from anywhere;Best used as a recovery move] +/-/*
  • -Up B Special [quick “time” flash graphx] /*/
  • -All taunts Altered +/*
  • -Loser Pose [dizzy; can move about the result screen; jumping/walking off the stage will cause freezing and beep]


TIPS (for and against Chaos Control Shadow 3.0)

  • *F-Smash has a hella range you say? The move has 4 layers, in fact:

4th layer – The outermost 4th layer does little damage and hardly any knockback. You won’t get anywhere soon just by spamming this layer from afar. In fact, a good leveled CPU will roll out of the way before you can land another chaos control attack from afar. Even if your opponent is at over 200%, you won’t send them flying far with the 4th layer.

3rd Layer – This is the one you will probably land the most. Damage is still left to a minimum, and knockback still isn’t great. You will have to charge up all the way if you want to knock someone out who is above 120%.

2nd layer – This is the good layer. You have to make contact with Shadow/Sonic’s arm and the opponent to successfully land the 2nd layer. If charging the move, you can actually knock someone out in the 90%. This move is technically a combination of the Chaos power and Shadow’s physical blow.

1st Layer (the sweetspot) – During a Brawl, you probably won’t be able to land this layer successfully. It’s the sweetspot of the Chaos Control move, and will deal a great 32% damage and super knockback. Its twice as hard to land than Luigi’s Up-B, but its twice as effective. You can knock someone out at 50%!  To successfully trap your opponent in the 1st layer, you must either be as close to them as possible (touching them) and charge the move for half a second. Even so, you still may not always get it. It’s possible to land the 1st layer without charging, or charging fully, but its less likely to hit.

  • *Use the Down A move to your advantage! During the first frames of this move, you are invincible, as it is a recovery move. And you get an offensive collision to boot. Be careful though. One may dodge the offensive part and grab you after that. its like a double-edged sword. Also, can be used to spike opponents from a ledge if timed correctly.
  • *Special Air B may seem like a “TOO GOOD” recovery move, but it’s quite deadly to the user. If fighting a CC Shadow and this move is used, wait somewhere near the center stage (not the center stage itself) and you can land easy blows. This is because when using the move as a recovery, the move ends mid-air on center-stage and Shadow/Sonic is left vulnerable for a second or two, depending on where the move started (high or from below). I’ve racked up several home-runs this way.
  • *You might notice tripping happens a little more often.
  • *You are not invincible while running!
  • If you suddenly turn opposite near a ledge, CC Shadow may briefly get stuck in a”turn” position. Time to land a good hit!
  • *Left taunt gives off a grenade, whilst the right taunt gives you a ray gun. As with all taunts, you are left vulnerable until the animation ends. Also, down taunt regenerates a very small percentage of health. Shadow likes his apples.

  • Throwing items has a slightly longer range and speed

  • *If CC Shadow loses, he is left in a dizzy animation. You can move out of it and drag someone into an after battle. JUST DONT GO OFF THE STAGE, AS THIS WILL RESULT IN FREEZING!

*if you played using my older CC Shadow 2.0, 3.0 has been toned down in regards to overall damage.

+++ I’ve been able to come up with some decent combos with the new moveset. Try dashing into someone then rapidly press A for a Dash-Spin combo. Try to come up with some good ideas!+++

22 responses to “Chaos Control Shadow [3.0] Quick Rundown”

  1. Awesome! But 3.0 taunts don’t give you items.

  2. Someone can tell how to put that moveset? plz =P

  3. I once kicked my friend off the screen and no beep???
    The “Waaah” and flash when they die came so he wasn’t just so I couldn’t see him…

  4. I have a few suggestions for moves. I hope you take the time to listen to them. While, the forward smash’s sweet spot may be hard to hit, it is still relatively easy to freeze your opponent, and then it’s easier to sweetspot. I like the freezing idea, but I think it should be handled differently, like a beam like zero suits. My suggestion is Less freezing unless sweet spoted or just don’t freeze them if they block the move. I believe the B recovery should have more down time, it’s a bit easy to use. The more chance the opponent has to hit you, the less you’ll use it. Is it possible to make Shadow invisible and spring during the rising of his up b and to replace it with a more teleporting sounds, this should give it more of a chaos control feel. Other movers to consider, light speed, ring dash, chaos control, chaos blast, chaos spear, and teleporting. ^_^ Those are just suggestions. We love your work and we use it.

  5. hey heres a really good suggestion for the UP+B. if u use it, remember to give credit to teh0wn(Lexx)from elitesmashhackers.

    Watch this:

  6. Already done that. pass:LOL Its version 1 but still awesome.I made it.OO_O

  7. Well edited it.

  8. that is SO awesome!
    i wish u guys could make a scourge the hedgehog texture hack^-^.
    but one question: where do i get an SD loader or whatever it is to put this texture hack in? and where can i get the homebrew channel?

  9. suguyxp just kidding Avatar
    suguyxp just kidding

    hey u guys r doing a good job but a sugegestion for shadow special move is well be the same but just change the color to white u know like when shadow and sonic stop the ark before it crashes with the earth well amm thats all thank u for everything

  10. I just hate that the final smash stills the same, i could be much better than that, anyway, still aweosme.

  11. Awesome job. That is quite well done. That really is so much like Shadow how the moves are done and everything.

    I also agree, you guys should make a Scourge texture hack. ^ ^

  12. i suggest doing something about the freezing if you go off the screen,cuz it just might wreck your wii,like lagginess,unexpected minor freezing of the screen,(possible blowing up of wii)and all other possible effects of freezing

  13. make chaos blast the final smash!

  14. Cheer ease me to invent kitty

  15. I downloaded shadow moveset but dont know how to get it to work.I just had my wii soft modded with homebrew channel and ssbb hack. I have shadow texture but want the moves of shadow .Which folder on my sd card should the file be put in?If you can help me my kid will be so happy.Thank you

  16. @mark

    Sure thing, the Shadow Moveset file (aka FitSonic.pac) should go in the same place where the texture file would go for Sonic. Starting from the root of your SD card, it should go in:


    I assume you already know how to get custom textures on Brawl? Its the same method for having a custom moveset. Just place the file where I pointed above. Hope that helps.

  17. Hey I don’t know how to use this!

  18. THIS SHADOW SUCKS. The only reason of why people would resort to that is because the brawl vault is getting work done. Come on, the one on brawl vault has chaos control and a shadow moveset along with optional SFX so either try again or focus on a project that might be worth someones time.

  19. Welcome nub,

    I see you are new to the scene. This shadow is indeed one of the lowliest forms of CC Shadow, since it was first released in 2009 when PSA modding first started, and it was the 3rd revision of the first major/complete PSA mod ever done right here on NB, and other Chaos control shadows are considerably based on this one, some straight out revisions which I didn’t mind. The intention was to show the possibilities of Phantom’s ProjectSA. At the time, PSA was very new and quite difficult for just anyone to delve into, including myself of which I was already familiar with some of the Wii game’s coding. This was waay before BrawlVault even existed. Of course, 3 years later, there is bound to be some great mods coming from great modders, which of course is due to more fiddling with the program and other applications that I probably haven’t looked up yet. I don’t follow the Brawl scene anymore. I’m always moving to new and different games, like Skyward Sword, constantly learning new things and abilities. Megaupload’s downfall really stinks, and many projects gone with it, frustrating many modders in the process and affecting sites like BrawlVault. Hope you find something worth your time. I definitely don’t like to squander my own time, like writing blocks of text as part of a comment reply XD

  20. Can you upload these to mediafire or something? cuz this looks amazing

  21. please upload to mediafire

  22. Dude, can you please upload this to dropbox or something?

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