Naruto´s Sand Village

This is my latest stage hack, Naruto´s  Sand Village, goes over the online training room(STGONLINETRAINING.pac)

Any bugs/glitches report me, the only one that i know is that pokemon trainer is floating and his pokemons  dont move until you hit them.

I added a song, Strong and Strike


To play in the online training room you need this code:

Rumble Falls is Online Practice Stage
* C298D528 00000003
* 2C060031 40820008
* 38C00005 60000000
* 90DD08C0 00000000
* C26DCEE0 00000003
* A37A0022 2C1B0008
* 40820008 3B600037
* 60000000 00000000

NOTE:thanks to “darkredscorpio” for the idea.

..::Thunder Ztar;;,,

9 responses to “Naruto´s Sand Village”

  1. Kind of looks like a cross between Melee Island and Spinner Cay.

  2. 7 extra stages
    066B1E64 00000048
    7F43D378 7F24CB78
    480070E5 80180040
    2C000002 41820010
    2C030029 41820078
    4800005C 4B9FD78D
    2C030033 41810068
    2C030028 41810048
    2C030024 41810058
    4800003C 60000000
    046B1F04 4800002C
    046B8F5C 7C802378
    046B8F64 7C6300AE
    040AF618 5460083C
    040AF6AC 5463083C
    040AF6C0 88030001
    006B929C 0000001F
    066B99D8 0000001F
    00010203 04050709
    080A0B0C 0D0E0F10
    11141516 1A191217
    0618131D 1E1B1C00
    006B92A4 00000012
    066B9A58 00000012
    1F202122 25242326
    27282A2B 2C2D2E2F
    30290000 00000000
    06407AAC 00000062
    01010202 211B0D0D
    130F0303 16120404
    19150E0E 0C0C1410
    09090B0B 2E3B3038
    2B34323A 1D171511
    2F372A33 241E2C35
    2D36330A 1E18221C
    231D0606 29320707
    251F1C16 1F191814
    08080505 3139201A
    17130000 26642864
    34643564 36643764
    38640000 00000000

    This code has Online Practice stage with it.

  3. Sanity's Theif Avatar

    I hate to say this but the camera, how it goes through the buildings is very annoying, and you can run through buildings… same thing, it’s a cool concept, it just seems far from finished

  4. how did you put that red background on the main menus?

  5. @ David

    see my older post to download it

  6. After Trying this Stage I figured this still needs alot of work done to it, the lights are just textures, their is one legde and its on the left side of the stage, and some other stuff needs a little work.

    Other than that I still like it keep up the good work. 🙂

  7. and i was literally about to shout “you stole this from Thunder Ztar”… yeah fail on my part. i always forget to check this site, even though its one of the greater ones, heck, without this site, i wouldn’t be a brawl hacker right now!

  8. do you have a DL for that CSS?

    if you do it wont have zero and the brawl signal on it would it? cuz i like the regular ones.

    and do you have a DL for the hand icon? that looks cool.

  9. @ swiss

    yes, i have a DL for the CSS, and no, it wont have that icons, the hand texture is in the CSS file.

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