Nodxalt, and a new DSi?

Oh yeah, look at all that pre-release goodness.

First off, I wanted to let everyone here know about myself. I’m Nodxalt, and thats the story. I’m here to let everyone know of updates in the Nintendo and Homebrew community. New products, new developments, anything I can get my greedy little hands on. And, if you guys have something I haven’t caught on to, I’d be more than happy to hear about it, and possibly put up a post about it, with your professional permission, of course. So, lets get out of my boring little way, and start of with what you guys care about; the DSi.

Since the DSi’s release in North America, it didn’t make quite the splash Nintendo was hoping for, due to the mass popularity of the DS. I can say I don’t own a DSi myself, but thats probably because I’ve found some way to break my previous DS’s. But thats beside the point. Point is, the new DSi XL.

Essentially, what this is, is what the name suggests. A DSi, which is extra large. A point? I don’t see one. But, thats the Nintendo critic in me coming out to vent. Lets take a look at the PRACTICAL uses it has.

eReader. Naturally.

4.2 inch LCD. Better.

A bit thicker, its going to release with brown-pink mix, and pink-brown mix, which Nintendo has cleverly named Burgandy and Bronze. Although, it comes built in with two DSi Brainware games, namely Photo Clock, and Flipnote Studio. It also comes with a DSi Browser.

Expect the DSi to come out in America on March 28th.

More updates on this as more specs are released. Any information provided by user experience is greatly appreciated. Tell me how it is, I’m rather curious.

Hope I’m welcome here on the team!

-Nodxalt Le Fantastico


I’m aware this is old news, I was asked to make this review as a starting review, an evaluation in a sense. I apologize for bringing old news to the party, I promise from now on things will be as current as possible. Suggestions will help.

5 responses to “Nodxalt, and a new DSi?”

  1. This is old news, and no one’s gonna buy it.

  2. smashmaniac2008 Avatar

    old news is old.

  3. i understand that you have to introduce yourself with something. even though its old… BUT i am looking forward to future posts! i need to get up to date with this stuff >.<

  4. lol what?I though this was about XL lol but im waiting for 3DS now 😛

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