3DS. Nintendo’s venture to 3-D.

The 3DS, hm? Perhaps Nintendo needs to slow down a bit on the handhelds.

Why yes, my first post WAS about the DSi XL, which was scheduled to release two days from now. And, great news on that (sorta), Nintendo has released their information on the 3DS, the DS, which as cleverly named as the DSi XL, is 3-D.  But, what is most interesting about this, seems to be the fact that the Three Dimensions will be utilized WITHOUT the use of glasses. How curious.

So, how is this possible, you may ask? According to Neil Dodgson, a 3-D expert based in Cambridge U, a certain type of lens, which he refers to as lenticular tech, given the right information, can make it appear 3-D right on the screen. So, what Nintendo plans to do, is related to this material. They haven’t released specifics on their methods of 3-D quite yet, but it will most likely utilize this method, or something similar. I know how frustrated I would get if I lost glasses and thus, every virtual use that the system has to offer.

It seems to be a DSi XL, with 3-D capabilities. So, is it necessary Nintendo? I don’t really see the point, but there are people who seem genuinely exited for this. I would be, if I had more use out of the DSi. I can say with full honesty, I’ve never once used a DSi. Well, once. Just to get a kick out of the camera. But, basically, no. That will make a total of 5 DS’s. The original, the DS lite, the DSi, the DSi XL, and the 3DS.  The first DS released in ’04, so that’s 5 system add ons in 6 years. Well Nintendo, I’d imagine that sweet tasting revenue must be DELICOUS. Let’s just hope it doesn’t pull a DSi, and not get as many sells as you want.

For refrence, I’m limited to posts only on the weekend, so if you say ‘old’, or anything like that, it’ll be in vain. Thanks for reading. Any info to improve this will be totally welcome. Or if I have any errors. Thanks!

Nodxalt The Great.

7 responses to “3DS. Nintendo’s venture to 3-D.”

  1. Actually, pretty sure the 3DS is supposed to be in the next gen of the handheld consoles. It’s backwards compatible with DS but I remember reading that it’s supposed to have better graphics and it’s own games.
    Still though, the 3D gimmick doesn’t excite me much, I never have cared for it. If it’s used well then it good turn out decent, but I have a feeling it’ll just end up needlessly over used.
    One last comment, I also have never used a DSi XD I don’t see a point in getting one if it’s only gonna have a few dsiwares to seperate it from what I have now.

  2. …people need to read the WHOLE news, it’s not a new Ds, and it’s just a temporary name D:!

  3. lol.. i can imagine this 3D giving new epilepsy…

    not so excited.

  4. I remember on IGN way back that there was a report that nintendo and Nvidia (yes Nvidia) signed an agreement that the next nintendo handheld would would use a powerful Nvidia Graphics card but at the same time still retain its shape and form

  5. Needs to slow DOWN? Really? >_> I’ve purchased the “same” platform 5 times from them in forms such as Gameboy Advance / SP / Micro, and the DS / DS Lite / DSi / and DSi XL! If anything they frigg’n need to SPEED UP. 😛

  6. Nvidia? They need that in our Wiis, not a DS >_>

  7. Scratch that, Wiis DO have Nvidia. They just need a better graphics card.

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