Wii Netflix, and Pokemon Black & White.

Netflix streaming coming to the Wii, and the latest Pokemon games, coming to our good friend, Mr. DS, and all of his deformed family members. I wonder how the 3DS will fair with this?

So, lets start this off with something Nintendo has been flagging in our faces since the early days when the Wii was still taking its first wobbling steps onto the podium of ‘biggest unexpected turnaround ever’ console. Yes, the Wii was expected to do a bit worse than the PS3 or Xbox 360, but due to the increasing knowledge of homebrew, and the better library of games, the Wii has been ranked up with PS3 in this generation’s consoles. But, as I said, something that Nintendo hinted to a long time ago has finally come to reality; namely, Netflix streaming.

Now, no, you can’t download a channel then get the movies from there, Nintendo was smart enough to realize that due to Team Twiizers hacking, the Wii isn’t safe to pay for much anything. Instead, by hitting this handy dandy link, you can sign up at Netflix and they will send you a dvd that allows you to go to the Netflix server and get movies there, just like you would on your computer. It’s handy for those of you who have a computer in the shop or find yourself lacking a good enough graphics card, or some other problem of that nature that should have been cured with the ever so recent update known as Windows XP. Anyone plan on using Wii Netflix? Or already has? Or just an opinion? Leave a comment!

Now, for what you all WANT to know. The latest Pokemon game. Yes, I know, how does Nintendo do it? I think at this point in time, the crack fountain must be running dry for their imaginations on the series, because where else can they go? Well, with the one screen of the Pokémon from the newest series, apparently a Wolf and Fox found themselves to be the last living animals on Earth and needed to repopulate, to later find out that one of them was horribly disfigured in childhood and the resulting offspring reflected said disfigurement, and then making a second realization that they, contrary to the previous though, were NOT the last living creatures and basically just had interspecies genitalia wrestling.. But Nintendo, according to Famitsu 1Up,  is giving the series a bit of a re-ramp, including an improved battle system, and camera angles.

I am a bit relieved Nintendo won’t just be spewing out a new edition of ‘Pokemon Platinum: Holy cow we need to go outside more’ edition, but seeing as how Pokemon Gold was the first game I ever remember playing, and the remake doing them justice (and the fact that your Pokémon actually walked with you- that’s awesome),  I’ll give them some slack. The game should prove to be refreshing, with a new just about everything. I’ll look forward to seeing this game hit shelves in a game retailer near you soon. By the end of the year, is Nintendo’s hope.

Any requests for me to look at something? Exited for the new game? Not? Lemme know in the comments!

-Nodxalt ‘s milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, and he was like ‘DAMMIT’.


Once more, I’m aware of the old news. I’m a bit limited when it comes to making my stories, due to the fact that I’m not always going to be aware of when such and such happens, and the fact that I can only write stories on certain days due to schoolwork, work, things like that. So, I’ll say it one more time. If it’s old news, sorry, but I can’t help it. Circumstances prevent it. Maybe comment on something coming up, who knows, I might not know about it yet.

6 responses to “Wii Netflix, and Pokemon Black & White.”

  1. I think that somebody can dump the iso of Wii Netflix CD, then you can burn it like you always do to play backups

  2. Just thought about this (after reading your article of course), but maybe you’ll like to do a vid tut on using Riivolution? Some people still don’t seem to get the hang of it. More info on the Rvlution forums. Also, if you happen to snag any info on Dragon Quest X for Wii, please write something about that. I am in total support of helping the Dragon Quest franchise get a large fan-base in the states as it is popular in Japan.

  3. As much as I’d hate to say it, I’m still getting a bit accustomed to Riivolution myself. I was planning on messing around with it a bit more, then perhaps doing a bit more detailed look at it, and if I can, then I might spew a tutorial out on youtube. Just a general look, what does what. And yeah, I hate to admit it, but you’ve got me curious on this Dragon Quest thing. I looked up some footage on youtube, and it makes me wish my PS2 was graced with that game earlier. I’m going to have to pick it up soon. But yeah, I’ll keep some coverage on it.

  4. Once again, old news. The Netflix Wii disc came out weeks ago.

  5. my friend got the netflix thing and i have to say, its pretty cool 😀

  6. The pokemon games are S#$& I dont get why people buy the same game over and over the only reason they make two versions of THE SAME GAME is to take your money(no seriously)

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