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been having hacker’s block… haven’t come up for a hack idea

hey everyone. sorry i haven’t been coming up with any new hacks lately. i’ve been having hacker’s block for days. i’ve been seriously bored almost everyday. i haven’t even come up with any kind of hack idea in a long time. hopefully this weekend, things might change. i’ll let you all know what will happen soon. i might even come up with a few new hacks. you never know.

~ xXPikaKingXx

I’m back, and hopefully here to stay!

It’s been such a long time since i have been here, and things have changed quite a lot! For those who don’t remember me, i am smashbro619 from here. I’m now and forever will be known as xXPikaKingXx. I missed you guys so much, especially Jose Gallardo. I also promised Jose that i would bring some Mario Kart Wii hacks here from a long time, so hopefully he’ll make a MKW hack area here and hopefully accept my stuff. I’m glad to be back!

The city of glitches: Welcome to Glitch City!

-Post By; smashbro619

Merry Christmas everyone. I have been working on a cool Brawl stage texture hack for you all, and its finished. I would like to introduce to you all, a place that originally started in Pokemon R/B and had many alternate forms in the future…

Welcome to Glitch City: the city of forgetful bits, bytes, and home to the most famous brother and sister glitch Pokemon, Missingno. & M Block.

Glitch City, in all its juicy glitchy glory!

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Hammer Time! Mario’s new move!

-Post By: Smashbro619

i’m back! and I learned a few new tricks of the trade… Model Swapping and stuff like that! Anyway, its my pleasure to introduce Mario’s new Attack move… Hammer! (It replaces his Side B Special, Cape!)

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Notched Ear Pichu evolves???

My fan-made idea of the HG/SS only Notched Ear Pichu evolving to a Notched Ear variation of Pikachu



I have returned… with an awesome texture hack!

-Post by Smashbro619

I have been away for a while… i was waiting for the awesome game, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story… it’s awesome! Now I’m back! And speaking of awesome, here’s my newest texture hack… a Pokemon texture hack i like to call Awesome Meowth!

al_090918_0230Meowth: I’m the top cat around here! MEOWTH!

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Chocobo enters the Brawl???

Straight from Final Fantasy Fables series, Chocobo joins the Brawl


(ok maybe it doesnt look quite like Chocobo, but it was a close shot!)

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