The city of glitches: Welcome to Glitch City!

-Post By; smashbro619

Merry Christmas everyone. I have been working on a cool Brawl stage texture hack for you all, and its finished. I would like to introduce to you all, a place that originally started in Pokemon R/B and had many alternate forms in the future…

Welcome to Glitch City: the city of forgetful bits, bytes, and home to the most famous brother and sister glitch Pokemon, Missingno. & M Block.

Glitch City, in all its juicy glitchy glory!

Watch out, Pikachu… or you might accidentally glitch up and freeze game!

Who’s that? Could that be…?

It is! It’s Missingno.! but it looks like he took the form of a Ursaring wearing shorts?

Look out Pikachu! the Glitch City has some abnormal Pokemon… including this killer Magikarp!

Here is the Download for this awesome stage… guaranteed not to corrupt your Brawl data (just a little pokemon glitch joke XD)

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

4 responses to “The city of glitches: Welcome to Glitch City!”

  1. Lol. ^_^

    I have to make Ursaring on that bear. XD

  2. Looks like graffiti =P
    I just had an idea! Maybe I’ll replace Kirby’s Hammer with the fish!!! =P
    haha smack ppl with fish like in cartoons XD

  3. ^ He’s a genius.

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