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Pokemon TCG Energy Balls

Post  By: Jose Gallardo  

I think I missed adding the Lighting SmashBall in the video, but its available in the download. Click Here if you need help replacing the SmashBall texture or any item texture in general. The ]EE[ Smashball in the end of the video is a little tribute Ball I decided to make because when ]Syntax Error[ was still alive, I was hoping to use their edited SmashBall; it was then I decided I should delve into texture hacking.

The city of glitches: Welcome to Glitch City!

-Post By; smashbro619

Merry Christmas everyone. I have been working on a cool Brawl stage texture hack for you all, and its finished. I would like to introduce to you all, a place that originally started in Pokemon R/B and had many alternate forms in the future…

Welcome to Glitch City: the city of forgetful bits, bytes, and home to the most famous brother and sister glitch Pokemon, Missingno. & M Block.

Glitch City, in all its juicy glitchy glory!

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Notched Ear Pichu evolves???

My fan-made idea of the HG/SS only Notched Ear Pichu evolving to a Notched Ear variation of Pikachu



A Smash-Ballin’ Preview

-Post by: Jose Gallardo

I have some good news, and some… Super Good news.

sbfirefoxGood news is, I’ve come up with some new texture hacks, specifically Item hacking. I don’t know why, but I prefer to make custom textures for items than anything else. I’ve been playing Pokemon Card BG2 – The sequel to the Pokemon Trading Card game for Game Boy Color, and it inspired me to make the following. The Firefox, however, was a random idea. …or maybe its because I’m quite annoyed with Firefox for crashing on WordPress from time to time… Whatever the circumstance may be, the figment of my imagination is now tangible, and can now be dealt with accordingly… with a brawl!

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I have returned… with an awesome texture hack!

-Post by Smashbro619

I have been away for a while… i was waiting for the awesome game, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story… it’s awesome! Now I’m back! And speaking of awesome, here’s my newest texture hack… a Pokemon texture hack i like to call Awesome Meowth!

al_090918_0230Meowth: I’m the top cat around here! MEOWTH!

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Shiny Pokemon have arrived! (and a Shadow Pokemon)

For those of you who were waiting for my Shiny Pokemon Texture Hack Pack, I finally did it!

Of course like in the Pokemon games, Shiny Pokemon are often rare and hard to find, so i only made a few pokemon shiny!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to summon Shiny Pokemon!

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I’m Back! And I’m Starting a Texture Pack

It’s been a while since i have been here, but i have finally returned!

And i’m starting a Texture Pack of Texture Hacked Pokemon.

The Texture Pack will consist of all the Pokemon in their Shiny forms and also include a familiar Shadow Pokemon we all know and love!

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