I have returned… with an awesome texture hack!

-Post by Smashbro619

I have been away for a while… i was waiting for the awesome game, Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story… it’s awesome! Now I’m back! And speaking of awesome, here’s my newest texture hack… a Pokemon texture hack i like to call Awesome Meowth!

al_090918_0230Meowth: I’m the top cat around here! MEOWTH!

al_090918_0317Meowth: You can’t beat my awesomeness, Pikachu!


Meowth: Ha! Can’t beat my awesomeness!

al_090918_0324Meowth: Tonight’s “Meowth’s Party” will be awesome!

You should join us!

To download this awesome Scratch Cat Pokemon, here’s the link:



(I’ll be working on more awesome Pokemon… so get ready for more awesomeness in the future!)

5 responses to “I have returned… with an awesome texture hack!”


    This will be the first time ive tried a texture hack 😀 Thanks in advanced that truly is awesome bro!

  2. Uhh, Vettacossx, why don’t you do it with an SD Card? ISO hacking is not really necessary anymore.

  3. @BigShark,

    vett is a good ‘ol buddy of mine. He is new to texture hacking, but very talented member of the Wii Theme Team. So yeah, I doubt he knows the SD Loader stuff, but he is a great Wii hacker nonetheless.


    Gimme you IM on Wadder. You can load custom music and textures from an SD Card; you just need a code. I posted articles on loading custom textures and music, but since the search bar is offline right now, I may have to look for it manually. Just gimme your IM, and I’ll help you there.

  4. thats cool! what character base did you use to do that?

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