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The Time Has Come to Bid Farewell…

Well, almost. Not exactly a final good-bye, but my life does require a change of path.

Quoted my own post from the Rvlution Forums:

Just posting here saying I will have to drop my Texture hack contribution to the Newer team. I haven’t had internet since February, and College/University is coming up. I’ve reached a peak where time is of essence, and won’t be able to dedicate time to hacking anything anymore. Sorry about this, but I will still be releasing my work on my blog. I do not know when I will have yet more spare time to post my stuff up, hence why I will upload whenever I can. I am no longer active in the Wii Hacking scene, but will post anything on my blog if I decide to work on something again. Farewell.

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Overture: Bowser’s Revenge

A Custom NSMBWii Level

I went all-out on my first custom NSMBWii level, featuring a surprise “battle” in the end. Took me over a week of hard effort, testing, and inspiration to finish, and still I feel I should have taken longer. As a first, it wasn’t easy to implement the final Area of the level (you’ll see what I am talking about if you download the level… or if you look at the screen caps).

Custom textures not included in download
Image altered for dramatic effect

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Zunny & Phanto Smashball Get a Revamp

Title says all. [Jose Gallardo]

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  

Download Zunny V.2 –  Download Phanto V.2

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What I’ve Been Working On

If you don’t check up on the [NSMBWii] Hacks regularly, then this is what I have been spending most of my extra time on:

Release of textures very soon.

.:Jose Gallardo:.

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brkirch Hacking Fun

We are forgetting our roots! Since when did NintendoBros become a *Roster Only* updater? No, NB is about everything Nintendo+Hacking related! So why should every update be site updates?

Just because someone isn’t part of a fancy site, blog, or team doesn’t mean you can’t get the spotlight. If you’d like to get more views, I can help. In an effort to dig out some good material from the depths of cyberspace, I’ll be posting certain Youtube videos here and featuring them on my Youtube page. Later on I will be updating the MEDIA page with links to sites/videos who are in support of what we do here on NintendoBros (using textures, guides,codes,etc).

That said, take a look at what brkirch (from WiiRD Forums) is working on. Looks like alot of fun, not to mention the possibilities this will make if combined with Reggie! Level Editor (more on that soon). Of course, I am assuming brkirch is messing around with replacing objects/enemies, since I see Koopalings where Goombas should be.

Hope you enjoyed the video! I certainly did.

~ Jose Gallardo ~

Pokemon TCG Energy Balls

Post  By: Jose Gallardo  

I think I missed adding the Lighting SmashBall in the video, but its available in the download. Click Here if you need help replacing the SmashBall texture or any item texture in general. The ]EE[ Smashball in the end of the video is a little tribute Ball I decided to make because when ]Syntax Error[ was still alive, I was hoping to use their edited SmashBall; it was then I decided I should delve into texture hacking.

Hacking New Super Mario Bros Wii – PAL

Codes are in the description of the video, as they are in WiiRD Code Database and GSCentral forums