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brkirch Hacking Fun

We are forgetting our roots! Since when did NintendoBros become a *Roster Only* updater? No, NB is about everything Nintendo+Hacking related! So why should every update be site updates?

Just because someone isn’t part of a fancy site, blog, or team doesn’t mean you can’t get the spotlight. If you’d like to get more views, I can help. In an effort to dig out some good material from the depths of cyberspace, I’ll be posting certain Youtube videos here and featuring them on my Youtube page. Later on I will be updating the MEDIA page with links to sites/videos who are in support of what we do here on NintendoBros (using textures, guides,codes,etc).

That said, take a look at what brkirch (from WiiRD Forums) is working on. Looks like alot of fun, not to mention the possibilities this will make if combined with Reggie! Level Editor (more on that soon). Of course, I am assuming brkirch is messing around with replacing objects/enemies, since I see Koopalings where Goombas should be.

Hope you enjoyed the video! I certainly did.

~ Jose Gallardo ~

Hacking New Super Mario Bros Wii – PAL

Codes are in the description of the video, as they are in WiiRD Code Database and GSCentral forums


Tabuu Destination

Here is the first SSE stage that I made playable with the use of BrawlBox. It is but one of the many I plan to release. I also made it so Items spawn out normally as a melee stage should. It replaces the Online Training stage. Code and more details are found in the ReadMii that comes with the download. Have fun!

dwon1– Jose Gallardo

WWII Aces – WiiRD Codes

Invincible – Player 1
041E5A18 0000015E

Invincible – Player 2
04227658 0000015E

Never Overheat
0406FADC 60000000

Infinite Bombs
0406FEFC 60000000

Infinite Rockets
0406FE44 60000000

*Codes for Gecko OS/Ocarnia

Made these last night. It was rainy and couldn’t sleep. You can still die if you crash.

- Jose Gallardo

Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics Code – PAL

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (PAL) [ROLP8P]


Infinite Star Point Cards [Jose Gallardo]
0421E744 901F0C24

Your current point cards must increase/decrease for the code to take effect (ASM). Either buy something, or earn SP Cards for max.

CC Shadow 2.0 – PSA

*** Surprise Surprise ***

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Let it be known, the first ever completed custom moveset is here. And its all bug-free!

“But wait, where’s the download?!! I don’t see it!” – says You

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House of the Dead: Overkill Hacks

Its been a pretty long time since the last update here at NB. Seems like I’m not the only one at Nintendo Bros who’s been bitten by the Chore Bug. Unfortunately, as dedicated as we are, our lifes become very busy from time to time, and I believe I speak for pretty much everyone on the Team. Alas, not only have I been busy with personal stuff, but I’ve been working on the ZWORDS project, which pretty much takes its toll. Its coming along nicely, so expect a beta Patch soon (hopefully you’ve got yourself a legit ISO of this game; and by legit, I mean having a DQS ISO that you’ve burned yourself from a Original game disc that you own). So don’t go spreading rumors that this site is flat. We’ve got our curves, and this ain’t no House of the Dead, but the following is. Happy Zombie Hacking!

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