Tabuu Destination

Here is the first SSE stage that I made playable with the use of BrawlBox. It is but one of the many I plan to release. I also made it so Items spawn out normally as a melee stage should. It replaces the Online Training stage. Code and more details are found in the ReadMii that comes with the download. Have fun!

dwon1– Jose Gallardo

15 responses to “Tabuu Destination”

  1. awesome stage
    do you think this could be made for final destination or any other stages?

  2. The User with no name Avatar
    The User with no name

    ^What he said.

  3. What is the adventure mode file name.(000000.pac)

  4. @nuclear

    Don’t know the exact number at the moment, but its the last adventure stage in the list.

  5. Could you do the stage where MK and Lucario fight at the ice mountain! That was a really good stage

  6. @fabbemannen
    Yes it was, I was sure it would be unlocked after the fight. 😦
    Btw, are you scandinavian?

  7. Yes how did you guess that? Sweden if you wanna know. Is this stage only for USA? I’m having PAL

  8. @fabbemannen
    Because he’s norwegian, so am I. And I’m using another SSE on my PAL wii so this should work. “Mannen” 😀

  9. Maybe I try it. Alltid trevligt med norrmän! 😀

  10. @fabbemannen
    Jettebrä! <—- 0.0

  11. wow thank god Jose, seriously, you are the only one who has taken time out to have items spawn in the sse stages. Please make the future releases just like this. Major congrats.

  12. Actually, this would be a great release for Final Destination. Mostly because this code exists:

    which allows you to play with Final Destination textures and Tabuu Destination at the same time (If it were released for Final Destination I mean). The way it’d work is through button triggers after the stage is selected.

    So this would also work for those who want more than just one stage for Online Training. Although I havent tried this code out myself yet.

  13. awww i love the stage but i like my online training stage too, mine comes out in rumble falls. i’ll download it and keep it in case you figure out how to apply in other stage

  14. Ummm, can somone explain to me what that paper thing that spawns instantly at the begaining of Tabuu Destination which falls to the bit of the right of the stage? It disapears when I touch it…

  15. where do I put the .pac file?

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