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Hacking New Super Mario Bros Wii – PAL

Codes are in the description of the video, as they are in WiiRD Code Database and GSCentral forums


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games [NTSC-US] Codes

Have 1000 Festival Points [Jose Gallardo]
42000000 90000000
04053D54 00000003
E0000000 80008000

Infinite Star Point Cards [Jose Gallardo]
0421E744 901F0C24

*Your current point cards must increase/decrease for the code to take effect (ASM). Either buy something, or earn SP Cards for max.

***CODES for Gecko OS/Ocarina – Homebrew Apps***

WWII Aces – WiiRD Codes

Invincible – Player 1
041E5A18 0000015E

Invincible – Player 2
04227658 0000015E

Never Overheat
0406FADC 60000000

Infinite Bombs
0406FEFC 60000000

Infinite Rockets
0406FE44 60000000

*Codes for Gecko OS/Ocarnia

Made these last night. It was rainy and couldn’t sleep. You can still die if you crash.

- Jose Gallardo

Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics Code – PAL

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (PAL) [ROLP8P]


Infinite Star Point Cards [Jose Gallardo]
0421E744 901F0C24

Your current point cards must increase/decrease for the code to take effect (ASM). Either buy something, or earn SP Cards for max.

[Brawl Hacks] Trippy Colors – Not A Messed Up Wii !!!

I’ve made an unusual amount of videos lately, so I won’t be posting all of them here. Like always, you can go to my Youtube account. Also, I decided to post the codes for your use (if you have a USB Gecko or use Ocarina), but not alongside the video. New Codes Tag coming soon!

***The Following features a code that MAKES YOUR BRAWL GAME LOOK WEIRD, but it hasn’t damaged either the game or the console in any way.***

[Brawl Hacks] World Wrap X (beta)

I apologize if someone’s been waiting for that NP Coverage. I experienced a rather unusual day today, and part of it meant buying an Audio Jack Splitter adapter in order to make my capture card work 100%. It turns out the AUX jack on my TV was too small for this adapter so I had to make some… minor adjustments.  It works great, and I can hear sound now (take that, windows vista!). I took the new set-up for a test run, which is the following Brawl Hacks video,  “World Wrap X”. Please bear with me, and I’ll get that coverage posted early tomorrow.

Ocarina – Action Replay for Wii?

Phew! Talk about slacking! I’ve been so busy messing around with Homebrew Apps, that I can’t help but say I’m a little dissapointed at myself for letting Nintendobros go unnattended for quite a while. Needless to say, if someone is interested in becoming a Nintendobros contributor, post your request either here or in the forums. We really need someone to cover for us in our hours of need!

But back to news, Homebrew is now running a totally fair cheating application for Wii that allows hacking of certain games like Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros Brawl. Although it is still a hacking app (meaning it could brick your Wii if you have no idea what you are doing), it adds even more replayability on those popular (and unpopular) games. Brawl, for instance, has been a blast to hack. I’ll be posting some videos that I made using the Ocarina App on Brawl, that is, if I get my Cardbus Tuner sometime this weekend. If interested in hacking your Wii (not recommended for those who aren’t tech-savvy), just go to