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STASH – Easy Stage TXS Editing Now Possible!

Special Thanks To:
Pharrox: for writing the guide and TPLsplitter
GaryCXJk: for writing TPLx
Heinnerman: for writing SSBExtract
-And of course, elrefugio for STASH

There is now an easy way to edit Stage Textures. ElRefugio has released version 1.0 of STASH, an easy to use ASH texture editor for stages. I tried it out for the first time today and no bugs. Of course, since its still in 1.0, there may be some problems, so its up to you guys to try/test this new TXS editor for stages. Below is a video example of an Edited Final Destination Stage TXS that I made:

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Ocarina – Action Replay for Wii?

Phew! Talk about slacking! I’ve been so busy messing around with Homebrew Apps, that I can’t help but say I’m a little dissapointed at myself for letting Nintendobros go unnattended for quite a while. Needless to say, if someone is interested in becoming a Nintendobros contributor, post your request either here or in the forums. We really need someone to cover for us in our hours of need!

But back to news, Homebrew is now running a totally fair cheating application for Wii that allows hacking of certain games like Mario Kart Wii and Smash Bros Brawl. Although it is still a hacking app (meaning it could brick your Wii if you have no idea what you are doing), it adds even more replayability on those popular (and unpopular) games. Brawl, for instance, has been a blast to hack. I’ll be posting some videos that I made using the Ocarina App on Brawl, that is, if I get my Cardbus Tuner sometime this weekend. If interested in hacking your Wii (not recommended for those who aren’t tech-savvy), just go to