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Chaos Control Shadow [PSA]

That Smash Ball didn't just appear from nowhere...

[PSA] = Project SA mods, also known as Custom Smash Attacks

Alright, enough of these semi-finished [PSA] releases. I now bring to you Chaos Control Shadow. Initially, the moveset was going to be called CC Sonic, but it looks more bad@ss with Marvin’s Shadow texture, hence the new name. Don’t worry, I’ll link to Marvin’s Shadow txs soon, which he already released in Kitty Corp Forums, but has yet to update the site with it.

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[Brawl Hacks] Trippy Colors – Not A Messed Up Wii !!!

I’ve made an unusual amount of videos lately, so I won’t be posting all of them here. Like always, you can go to my Youtube account. Also, I decided to post the codes for your use (if you have a USB Gecko or use Ocarina), but not alongside the video. New Codes Tag coming soon!

***The Following features a code that MAKES YOUR BRAWL GAME LOOK WEIRD, but it hasn’t damaged either the game or the console in any way.***