Chaos Control Shadow [PSA]

That Smash Ball didn't just appear from nowhere...

[PSA] = Project SA mods, also known as Custom Smash Attacks

Alright, enough of these semi-finished [PSA] releases. I now bring to you Chaos Control Shadow. Initially, the moveset was going to be called CC Sonic, but it looks more bad@ss with Marvin’s Shadow texture, hence the new name. Don’t worry, I’ll link to Marvin’s Shadow txs soon, which he already released in Kitty Corp Forums, but has yet to update the site with it.

And that’s not all! There are also a few more tweaks, including the stale combo and other custom sound effects. Maneuverability has also been upped. I’ll post a video and download link tomorrow, because my brother wanted to record with me. If you can’t wait for the PAC , I have secretly uploaded the file on my favorite Hacking forums. If you want a tip, its in a “Brawl” section.

Keep in mind not all moves are tampered with. I did mess around with all moves, and doing so gave it a WTF feel to Sonic instead of being a coolio [PSA], so I left it “as is” for now.  Also, I won’t be doing many of these because even for me, they take time to perfect and I am a BIG fan of professionalism. Instead, I will focus onCC Shadow for now and make Revamps in hopes to perfect the custom [PSA] .

24 responses to “Chaos Control Shadow [PSA]”

  1. wow… that is extremely awesome
    can’t wait for the final version

  2. @stickman

    Actually, its more or less the final version. I may or may not Revamp it. I’ll be toying with it, so maybe I’ll add more stuff to the public release. It feels and plays complete as it is.

    The program itself its toy for me, but if you want to make a perfect moveset, 1 day is hardly enough (which is why I think I might rev). And I’m talking about someone who pretty much knows how to run the App smoothly.

    All in all, I’m glad you think its coolio.


  4. YES!!!!!!!! THIS WAS ONE OF MY IDEAS TOO ID BE MAD BUT ITS SO AWESOME ITS BETTER THAN I COULD EVER DO!!!! I love it. Im gonna try making Oni Link by having him shoot beams after every sword attack, they would act like fully charged arrows but inflict at least 4x the damage. is it possible?

  5. That is awesome Jose.

    @Oni Kage
    lulz I thought the same thing when I saw your gravatar. Your theory sounds… well sound. Try it.

  6. so where exactly has it beeen posted?

  7. AWESOME! you are incredible for understand all the codes and numbers in project SA

  8. @Bonzai
    you noticed mai gravatarrrr?? *blushes* lol
    anyway thanks! Ill give it a shot then! I need to learn to understand a bit more of it now but in time itll come. thanks for the encouragement lol

  9. I can’t wait for the FD Link Oni/I LOVE Oni Link

    Teehee, I found the download in one try.

  10. I know where it’s posted. I have it downloaded, actually.

    Hint: Starts with G. 😉

  11. ^^Yeah lol xD Its fun I love how people get hurt when you run into them xDD

    ME TOO Oni Link rox da casbah lawlz

  12. i found it xD and downloaded it very nice piece of work

  13. I Found it too XD. Now to the wii!!

  14. Heh, found it on….HINT HINT (psst, look at the “links” section and click the second link) HINT HINT. =D

  15. I knew where it was, but I never found the post till now.

  16. i still cant find it :O i weely want it :[ where can i find it? please no hints just please give me the exact link

  17. btw by “it” i hope u know i mean the cc sonic, not PSA i already have PSA…i just want cc sonic “CC shadow” reel bad :{

  18. @Person
    whats in it for me?
    lol jk
    GS Central
    go to the brawl codes thread its in like the last page or maybe the one before it.

  19. Very very awesome.

    Also, I’m making a Meganess moveset, but I just can’t get some bits too work right. Since you know how too use PSA well, do you think you could help me out a bit?

  20. I hope you do make a final version, cuz shadow is my favorite sonic character (and sonic is my favorite series lol) 😀

  21. I wish there is a way implement guns into his moveset

  22. how can i install this O,O

  23. […] Chaos Control […]

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