House of the Dead: Overkill Hacks

Its been a pretty long time since the last update here at NB. Seems like I’m not the only one at Nintendo Bros who’s been bitten by the Chore Bug. Unfortunately, as dedicated as we are, our lifes become very busy from time to time, and I believe I speak for pretty much everyone on the Team. Alas, not only have I been busy with personal stuff, but I’ve been working on the ZWORDS project, which pretty much takes its toll. Its coming along nicely, so expect a beta Patch soon (hopefully you’ve got yourself a legit ISO of this game; and by legit, I mean having a DQS ISO that you’ve burned yourself from a Original game disc that you own). So don’t go spreading rumors that this site is flat. We’ve got our curves, and this ain’t no House of the Dead, but the following is. Happy Zombie Hacking!

The House of the Dead Overkill [NTSC-US]


If Score Increase, MAX [ZiT]
C2142134 00000002
3CA03B9B 38A5C9FF
90A60178 00000000

Infinite LIFE [ZiT]
04130ED4 60000000

Infinite Bullet [ZiT]
04159FAC 907D0720

C214B118 00000002
3CA03B9B 38A5C9FF
90A300D8 00000000

Director’s Cut

C214B110 00000002
3CA03B9B 38A5C9FF
90A300DC 00000000


If Score Increase, MAX [ZiT]
C2152674 00000002
3CA03B9B 38A5C9FF
90B60178 00000000

Time Stop [ZiT]

0411369C 60000000

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One response to “House of the Dead: Overkill Hacks”

  1. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    if i was in this site i could help by posting some of my stuff so people dont have to wait so much… but meh…

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