CC Shadow 2.0 – PSA

*** Surprise Surprise ***

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Let it be known, the first ever completed custom moveset is here. And its all bug-free!

“But wait, where’s the download?!! I don’t see it!” – says You

Oh, here it is.

<><> CC Shadow is now Hosted on Megaupload! <><>

Note: Although I was inspired by Marvin’s Shadow texture to create CC Shadow [PSA], and technically its supposed to be Shadow, I do not want to make it un-Sonic worthy by Placing too much Dark, hence, I left plenty of Blue for those who would prefer to use the moveset as Sonic. I went through this so many times, and this is the best moveset for both a Sonic & a Shadow. I tried many combinations and I finally found myself enjoying this particular set up. From fast Sonic Punches to blazing Shadow roundhouse kicks, this moveset won’t disappoint.

68 responses to “CC Shadow 2.0 – PSA”

  1. even better xD ‘donwloads’

  2. Greatest Sonic hack for many a year.

  3. One problem, Sonic’s voice dissappears for some reason. How do I fix the problem?

  4. I’ve got an idea for a PSA. try turning all or most of Lucario’s Aura attacks into shadow attacks, make a cool Mewtwo texture for him, and play around with some other moves to finally bring back Mewtwo from Melee!

  5. Argh… i was so close to having the first complete custom moveset… i just couldnt find the Lightnin GFX for pikachu to finish his final.


  7. Thhis is awesome! Can you model hack to put up sonics spines to make it look even more like shadow?

  8. Wow, I’m fine with you having more skill, but I don’t even have that imagination. That is an awesome moveset.

  9. Ok, I was excited, then I watched the vid. So it’s basically sonic’s moveset with fire added?

    The only two moves I could discern being different were the dash and the (I would assume) forward smash being a chaos burst or something like that.

    Was there more to it, or did I miss something 😦

    Also, my suggestion to show off movesets would be to just show each new move – Not an actual match, it’s harder to see your hardwork that way.

  10. I dont think he will take requests… This alone took 3 days people. Then again, he has something to work for because he already knows what hes gona make. Your choice Jose.

  11. Great job, but not the first ever custom moveset. Also it took me a while to find out which form it’s on.

  12. @Fantom

    There’s alot more to it, as stated in the Youtube video description, and on Kitty Corp forums, and now here 😛
    I thought the exact opposite of what you mentioned about making a video showing each individual altered move. I thought that would be boring, seeming as how that would be the COMMON thing to do. I’d rather show off a match, and leave people wanting more, and they will get more 😉


    Completed, yes it is. All that I’ve seen is random graphic tweaks, with 1 or 2 collision bubbles altered, but nothing close to a complete moveset. Beta stuff, if you will. I still hold Phantom’s P-Mario as the original Custom Moveset, but remember it wasn’t fully functioning properly until I fixed the Final Smash issue. I doubt anyone with less knowledge of the PSA could complete a moveset in less than a day or two of its release. I mean seriously, this took me 3 days to complete (with hardly any breaks), and I knew exactly what I was doing!

  13. wow… maybe ill finally choose sonic for the first time!

    NAAAAHhh… dont think so.

    nice SA btw.

    that program is a little confusing.. so much that i dont understand one bit of it xD

  14. Did u hack his voice????

  15. nice work once again jose do you know what you will be working on next?

  16. @Jose

    shadow causes the game to freeze at the end of a match b4 u choose ur character again im not sure if its bcus he can fight ther to or what but i do know it can b stopped if u hurry up through the results screen

  17. @Jose

    I understand the match idea, definitely.
    Me personally, I want to know exactly what’s different. Definitely a ‘to each his own’ situation on that decision.

    I’ll check the youtube description now and take a look at the moveset personally tonight ^_^

    Also, I could have sworn I saw someone say that shadow was causing freezes on the results screen – Is this true?

  18. The only reason the game would freeze on the result screen, from my experience, is if you walk out of the Result Screen stage. And that I warned people about already.

    This has always been the case due to the game’s programming. The only way to by-pass it is if you use a particular code, don’t remember what it was exactly. Its an old one. But I’ll double check that it ain’t freezing for no reason.

  19. @ Jose

    Slightly unrelated, but I know you kind of fixed up Phoenix Mario – Any thoughts to toning down his fair?

    You connect with the fist itself and it does like 50% damage and will kill off the top at 56%, lol.

    I was going to introduce new movesets to my friends as they all seem excited as hell to try them out and breathe life back into the game (I’m the only tourny player in the group, so you can imagine they tire of losing all the time >_>). But I don’t think I can resist repeated fairs on them with that power, lol.

  20. wats a “fairs”

  21. @aj

    fair = forward air.
    I kind of assumed anyone that would be this into brawl would know the lingo, sorry.

    Xair = f for forward, d for down, n for neutral, b for back and u for air

  22. is it possible to give wario’s motorbike to cc shadow? it would be awesome

  23. Yes it is, but it would look like utter crap because Sonic has no in-game animation that looks like he’s riding a bike. It might T-stance CC Shadow, it might freeze the game, who knows?

    Has anyone figured out the function of CC Shadow’s Neutral B move? It’s fun and better than Sonic’s Homing Attack. 😀

  24. @Jose

    Hey buddy! Finally got to try Shadow tonight. Nice work, although I must admit, 25% for running into someone and a 20% forward tilt seem a little overpowered lol.

    On another note, I used your Phoenix Mario v2 – Final smash works fine, but I thought you posted that you switched his entrance voice effect with the final smash – Those two are still the same 😦

  25. @Vinyourg

    its purpose it to take u to the middle of the stage

  26. @epic smash


  27. @Nerdwithanafro:

    when will your pika be done and where can we find it once it is?

  28. jose are u done with this, or are u going to add more? i think this is a good stopping point so far

  29. I would honestly suggest a tone-down of the dash and chaos smash if you’re going to finalize, but that’s just my opinion.

  30. Jose made a phoenix mario v2? WHERE?!

  31. I know it was posted somewhere…I think the project sa intro that’s on the right side bar on this page actually.

  32. where it says Project SA – Smash Attacks Released
    he links to it

  33. My only issue with it is the sounds he said were changed are still regular >_>

  34. @ joses reply

    @Also the Fair is what makes phoenix mario make up for the specials. What he should fix is his down-B…

  35. The brown need to be fixed because you can stall infinitely and off the ledge it’s crazy to do to someone lol

    the fair at 50% and relatively easy to use is overpowered, even with the specials.

  36. Now all you need is to replace Sonic’s “GO!” sfx with Shadow’s “Chaos CONTROL!” sfx, and it will be COMPLETE!!!

  37. WOW Jose, epic win. DAMN tho because I was gonna make a Shadow as soon as I figured this out. Oh well, itd probably suck anyway. this is great. Hmm… Ive been trying to give toon link fire arrows. guess what? his bow dissapeared X_X

  38. @ jose your CC Shadow is epic, On Sudden Death, you can use your Neutral B move to get under the stage. Keep doing it until your opponents die (by the bomb-ombs) And You will win. Thanks For The Moveset . (Sonic my Main)

  39. My New gravatar

  40. thatd b cool if u can make is standard b just b a long b that u can controll and his b over a gun or som kind of weaponry

  41. jose gallardo, can you make up sonic tilt his up smash?

  42. So what’s the next project Jose?
    Have you seen the ragna the bloodedge floating around?

  43. yea im wondering 2 btw great job jose

  44. @jose

    on a scale of 1/100 how hard would u rate making a decent moveset?


  46. Jose he’s like the ultiame Teir character….and that the problem,can you make him more…..non cheating,also the taunt for his Pokeballs got really annoying really quick.

  47. sorry jose but i agree i like the whole running to damage thing but its too powerfull maybe dub the running power down to the same lv as magma bowser

  48. My CC Shadow thread was removed from KC:MM forums mysteriously, but I mentioned a 3.0 update was around the corner. A tune up, to say the least. Or is it tune down? 😛

  49. cool thanks for the update ^^

  50. @Jose

    wheres the best place to track an update?

  51. If they don’t make it here, I’d usually post updates on GSCentral. CC Shadow was an exception, as I talked about it on KC:MM forums. I’m having a little issue that is being worked out on KC:MM, so for now, updates will go on this site.

  52. I see you on KC:MM forums >.>
    also you spanish?(sorry just wanted to know)

  53. You would see me alot more on KC:MM if it wasn’t for my threads and posts “MYSTERIOUSLY” disappearing. (ex: my CC Shadow thread disappeared… )

    And if by spanish you mean SPAIN, then kinda. But my parents are Mexican, and I my roots do lead me to decendants from Spain (really long time ago). Hence, my last name.

  54. ZOMG i knew you where a beaner XD
    im mexican……..last name Serrano >.>
    and every spanish person ancient root’s come from spain.

  55. Hold it there, I was born in the U.S. of A.! xD

    True Citizen, haha. And yeah, the fact that my name is and always has been Jose should have been obvious 😛

  56. I was born here to LOL in Brooklyn of NY,and yes your first name is very obvious,unlike mines which is James,anyways I hope we can be good friends, love what you do witn the hacks,also I am itachimaster645 on YouTube

  57. Any word on that shadow 3.0? I know you wanted to tone him down a bit and after playing with a friend tonight, I’m eager for that to happen lol

  58. ok whats his final smash like

  59. ciuld you kinda post the textures with it?????

  60. Nevermind it just finished oh and why the porny megaupload?

  61. wtf your name is jose and you have a picture of a girl everywhere you post and someone told me you were a girl i maen wtf?

  62. how do u put it into ur game i got my power saves sd card o pend it up and i already got a rsbe file with data in it i mean do i attach the files with the shadow files or wat do i do??????

  63. can you please send the codes for shadow to my email?

  64. @matthew
    it’s not a code it’s a file you place on your sd card and you can download it there’s a link a little below the video

  65. the link went bad please help

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