Pokemon TCG Energy Balls

Post  By: Jose Gallardo  

I think I missed adding the Lighting SmashBall in the video, but its available in the download. Click Here if you need help replacing the SmashBall texture or any item texture in general. The ]EE[ Smashball in the end of the video is a little tribute Ball I decided to make because when ]Syntax Error[ was still alive, I was hoping to use their edited SmashBall; it was then I decided I should delve into texture hacking.

8 responses to “Pokemon TCG Energy Balls”

  1. hey nice job here i just wish that the files weren’t a one time load so that the smash ball could be at random every time


  3. its eazy you just make new folder pf
    made say system in it and name it common3
    or just look at this http://nintendobros.com/2009/10/27/brawlbox-and-smash-items-the-guide/ read it

  4. good, i made a bleach smash ball requested by a friend,he and another friend are giving me ideas for the common3.pac

  5. thanks for the help sasuke it would be cool if she releases sunny ball

  6. where do i put the syntax error file though??

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