The Time Has Come to Bid Farewell…

Well, almost. Not exactly a final good-bye, but my life does require a change of path.

Quoted my own post from the Rvlution Forums:

Just posting here saying I will have to drop my Texture hack contribution to the Newer team. I haven’t had internet since February, and College/University is coming up. I’ve reached a peak where time is of essence, and won’t be able to dedicate time to hacking anything anymore. Sorry about this, but I will still be releasing my work on my blog. I do not know when I will have yet more spare time to post my stuff up, hence why I will upload whenever I can. I am no longer active in the Wii Hacking scene, but will post anything on my blog if I decide to work on something again. Farewell.

While I am no longer active in the Nintendo Hacking scene, I will still try to post updates to the site (including the much and long anticipated NSMBWii textures). And the blog itself won’t seize to exist (some site/team members are still active). Instead, I will blog about my gaming life and any news I come across regarding [interesting] Nintendo Hacking news. So if you still want to know what happens with my spuddy gaming life,  feel free to visit the site. However, if you have juiced all the content from the site and that is all you ever wanted from me, then I suggest to visit neighboring Wii hacking sites, or just wait for someone from NB to post some content. I will try to answer any questions and concerns whenever I connect to the net again, or when I get my own ISP. Again, I am not leaving the Web, but rather a change in material posted on the Blog, due to restrictions in my personal life. Will I ever hack again? For sure, just at spontaneous intervals. That is, whenever I have time or chance. I also noticed my lack of interest in gaming due to the fact that I was hacking games more than I was playing & enjoying them. I am dedicating more time to playing them fully. That said, I hope to have made some difference in the Wii Hacking Scene. I write this with doubt, yet sure its the right thing to do. Contacting me is easy (you can contact me here or on my Youtube account). You can also follow me on Twitter [ Hope everyone enjoys whatever it is the Wii Hacking Scene will offer in the future. Until next time!

Oh, and if anyone is watching the FIFA World Cup, who are you rooting for?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Jose Gallardo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

16 responses to “The Time Has Come to Bid Farewell…”

  1. Jose, you’ve sure as hell taught me alot in the short time we’ve known eachother than alot of the other BS out there. I’m glad you’ve taken charge of your life, and made the descision you did. I have nothing but respect for you, and hope that in the future, you and I remain good friends, and that we may still remain avid fans of the trade.

    Your follower in Hacking (And grammer, it still seems),

    (Yeah, Nodxalt sounds cooler, I know.)

  2. Oh wow umm, I did not expect this. This is really so sudden. You will be missed dude :,(

  3. Damn Jose, It’s sad to see you go. But I understand where you’re coming from, Real life comes before hacks. I wish you a positive successful future.

  4. It’s been a good run captain ;d
    seriously though, life comes first cause in the end you’re the one who has to deal with what you have, and I’ll try to post more things I just need ideas but I been watching gundam lately expect to see something inspired from it and GL in school although I doubt you need it xD

  5. well its sad that your leaving jose but you did a great run.

  6. Well, you will be missed. The Brawl and NSMBWii hacking scene will probobally never die. Because there are new hackers always sprouting up. Right now I trying to do my first hack, trying to make a Warioman texture.

  7. Damn, ill miss you mate, to be honest this site was the first brawl hacking site I ever visited and the first hack I ever downloaded was yours, good luck ill miss you

  8. As long as your happy. Kinda sad though.

  9. Dude….you’re leaving? Your probably the only reason I know how to hack Brawl.

    I can do anything now with the game and the possibilities seem endless. Whenever I throw a party and have my Wii and Hacked Brawl up and running, my friends just can’t get enough of it.

    I couldn’t have done any of it without you man, so, even though I don’t know you personally…take care of yourself and good luck!


  10. that guy over there Avatar
    that guy over there

    Maybe you can hack for a living

  11. I will miss you, i want to do some mario kart custom tracks but when i create one, i start in the bad position, i will try more

  12. wwwilliam0024 Avatar

    The title of captain is one deserved to a person who can exceed captain.

    You sir, Jose gallardo, you did your job,and your work here is done.

    I will always admire you. even though we didnt really get to talk much.


  13. Jose… I’ve always been a fan of Nintendo Bros., they’re the site that helped me on my way to hacking when I didnt know shit about it.

    You have made many breakthroughs in SSBB hackage, dont say you didnt because Ive looked at most of them, if not all.

    So, as a hacker to a pro hacker,

    I bid you adieu.
    Hope you have a great life! ;D

  14. Sorry for double-post, but I just HAD to say this:

    I hope to see you back on the team after your college experience, maybe even when a new Super Smash Bros. is created.

    A new Smash Bros.?! Thats insane!, you say? Hah, if thats insane, Mario doesnt exist. Smash Bros. in its entirety has sold so much copies it makes my head spin. And to think, I still play Brawl almost everyday just to experience the hackage induced into it.

    And again, great luck in college/university, whatever the hell that is.

  15. Thatgameguy89 Avatar

    Dude, you’re awesome, you’re the reason I really got into hacking brawl, with all of you’re textures and codes you’ve put on you’re youtube channel, whether they were brawl hacks or not, most of them amazed me. It really sadden me to see one of the best brawl hackers out there end, but hey, it had to happen sooner or later. You will be missed

  16. Hey hey,

    Sorry to hear about the bad news!

    If you can link back to and (current link is bad) I can return the favour! THANKS! 🙂


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