What I’ve Been Working On

If you don’t check up on the [NSMBWii] Hacks regularly, then this is what I have been spending most of my extra time on:

Release of textures very soon.

.:Jose Gallardo:.




Yes, that is all.

9 responses to “What I’ve Been Working On”

  1. um…………… head explodes 🙂

  2. thunder star what are you working on

  3. on a brawl character from the sse

  4. can you give me a hint 🙂

  5. PS i want to now if you can post some thing up for me if you have an email address because i cant 😦

  6. i think this week ill release a beta

  7. yes please i whant to see a new hack from this website 😉 who is it

  8. hey jose thats soooo epic O.O ive been wantn to know how to texture hack this game for forever. Can u please tell me how?? and i cant wait 😀

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