Overture: Bowser’s Revenge

A Custom NSMBWii Level

I went all-out on my first custom NSMBWii level, featuring a surprise “battle” in the end. Took me over a week of hard effort, testing, and inspiration to finish, and still I feel I should have taken longer. As a first, it wasn’t easy to implement the final Area of the level (you’ll see what I am talking about if you download the level… or if you look at the screen caps).

Custom textures not included in download
Image altered for dramatic effect

Now that I made what probably would be the hardest thing to do in level creation, I can now take it easy, as I will be making Super Mario Bros 3 level remakes. Level remakes are the easiest to do, yet some people have a hard time capturing an accurate level design, so being the perfectionist that I am, I have to make it as close to the original as possible, no excuses.

Download Overture: Bowser’s Revenge on the NSMBWii File Depot!

I still have no internet and am currently borrowing net access to make this post. Yeah that’s it, “borrowing”. So if anyone wants to make a Youtube video of this level, please do send me the link so I can post it. I now have a much better Video Capture device, but I cannot upload videos.

.:Jose Gallardo:.

2 responses to “Overture: Bowser’s Revenge”

  1. “Borrowing” eh? Don’t worry, I’ve been there before ;p The hallways of my apartment building were very bountiful in the search for free access ;P . Anywayz, I’ma download this and test it sometime later tonight =3

  2. *head explodes because of extremely awesome level*

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