I’m Back! And I’m Starting a Texture Pack

It’s been a while since i have been here, but i have finally returned!

And i’m starting a Texture Pack of Texture Hacked Pokemon.

The Texture Pack will consist of all the Pokemon in their Shiny forms and also include a familiar Shadow Pokemon we all know and love!


Shiny Weavile!!!


Shiny Gardevoir


OMG!!! Its XD001

(A.K.A. Shadow Lugia!!!)

Also, I am aware that ESH made a Shadow Lugia too but I decided to make my own!

The Texture Pack is not done yet, but when it’s done i’ll post the download link to the Texture Pack

One response to “I’m Back! And I’m Starting a Texture Pack”

  1. Awesome. Can’t wait ’til your finished.

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